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How can sitting be as bad as smoking and how can you prove it?

Asked by Aster (19949points) August 5th, 2015

It’s on Twitter and other websites: sitting all day is as damaging to your health as smoking! I’d question how many cigarettes are they using in this study, how many hours of sitting is being tested and how in the world can they prove it?

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Saying that something is worse than something else needs a qualifier. In other words, smoking may be worse for lung cancer rates. But the idea that sitting is pretty unhealthy is not controversial.

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They look at statistics. People who sit all day die how many years younger than people who are active. People who smoke die how many years younger? People who smoke have what likelihood of developing heart disease. People who sit all day….etc etc.

Real Age takes these sorts of stats and tells you your age based on your habits. Basically, how close you are to death. Oy. For instance, not enough exercise makes your real age older, add ideal exercise and your real age will be younger. Too much exercise your real age gets older again.

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What if I sit and smoke and watch other people exercise?

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@JLeslie: Have you done the Real Age test? I’m going to do it later or tomorrow. Of course, when I do it, I’m going to click off “receive updates from Real Age.” I’m actually leery of anything with Dr. Oz’ name on it. Maybe I won’t do it.

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I think Sitting is the New Smoking—7 Ways a Sedentary Lifestyle is Killing You is a link that supports the OP.

Seems to be last year’s drama?

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@jca I did it once many many years ago. I don’t even remember my result. I have the book, maybe I took the test in the book? I don’t remember. Or, maybe it was online. I’d be curious to know where I stand now. I figure I’m always at more risk of an early death than the average person with my genes and imperfect habits.

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