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So...what exactly can/does go wrong with a plane?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) July 20th, 2008

It seems like we all know the dangers of being in cars, buses, etc, but what exactly can go wrong with a plane that is realistic and has a high percentage?

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Umm.. engine failure? That’d be bad. But really, for the number of planes that fly each day the failure rate is pretty low. And when it does happen, the media (kind souls that they are) makes sure we know about it. Could you imagine if they told us about every car accident?

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1. Engine failure
2. Pilot error
3. Air Traffic Controller error
4. Mechanical error
5. Me

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6.Ticks discovered in passenger section (delay of 6 hours)
7.Rude and obnoxious children (family not allowed to board plane and delay of many hours)
8.Gray-haired old lady next to you is really Osama bin Laden with a close shave.
9.Really bad weather
10. A friend of my had a heart attack and died in mid-air. Plane was diverted.

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Marina: I’m curious as to why the soccer team had tie wraps.

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1 bad wire can lead to 1 bad crash.

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