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How do you think Donald Trump did in the debate last night?

Asked by chyna (45305points) August 7th, 2015 from iPhone

I didn’t watch it so I have no opinion.

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As good as his hair!

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He tanked. I think the only real winner yesterday was Carly Fiorina.

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I think this answer of his was the most important comment of the night from any candidate.

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Schwarzenegger because he was the terminator.
Obama because he’s black.
Trump because he’s Trump.

It’ll happen.

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He came off as arrogant, thin-skinned, mean, unapologetic, and… well, he came off as Trump. He made most of the others (none of whom I like or would vote for) look varying degrees of good.

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He seemed a little inexperienced and caustic. Entertaining , though for what it’s worth which is very little.

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I fully expect that to make him even more popular with the republican base.
Hitler did not become so popular by being timid, or rational or, as some like to call it, “politically correct”.
He did by being loud and uncompromising when appealing to the people’s darkest and basest beliefs and desires.

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Which is what he’s going for. As I’ve said before – he’s not in this because he wants to make a serious run at the White House. He’s in this to promote Donald Trump.

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I thought he was going to step up & say you’re fired to his hairdresser.
If that motley crew are all the Republicans have to rely on then you may as well crown Hillary Queen President right now.

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The Donald did no better and no worse than the others. He came off, to me, as more honest than the rest but not likable. Kasich appeared to be the most realistic in his opinions and policies, unlike Cruz who (and I am paraphrasing here) said on day one I am going to roll back time at least eight years and preferably 65 years if I can.

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Trump came off as a loud-mouthed bigot, the traits that make him the conservative favorite.

I bet his poll numbers go up.

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He reminds me of a young Lex Luthor. Both are Republicans and rich from real estate. Both are crasy.

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I only looked at @squirllystuffs link.
What an ignorant idiot to think he can run the world by bribes and that the whole world will “be there” for him, just because he gave them money. Fool.

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His poll numbers will probably go up even more. His closing statement was basically “America sucks and everyone in Washington is a moron”. If a democrat said this, they would get demonized and the clip would be shown around the clock on Fox News and even CNN.

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I believe you missed his point behind the arrogance. He had the very valid point that out elections and politicians are being determined by people like him because the system is broken.
It’s no do much arrogance as A very valid point because almost every other candidate in either party, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, are being bought and paid for by big money interests.
I believe that makes him more of a truth teller than an arrogant idiot with a comment like that.

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Arrogant, thin-skinned, mean, unapologetic…
Sounds familiar as a presidential trait

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If he did not make another 1–3 million more dollars doing whatever he was doing…..maybe fair. ~~

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Bitchy and childish and a liar. He’s may actually be a republican.

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Alright @SquirrelEStuff, then he was a damn fool to announce that he was a player in a system that is broken because of people like him.

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The news is hinting that Trump was talking about the moderator being disagreeable because she was on her period and had PMS.

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