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What news, past or present, has been of interest or personally relevant to you?

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The vast amount of plastic and other garbage collecting in the gyres of the oceans.

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- Global warming and its effect to the climate.
– Chinese government’s decision to install the old rig near Vietnam (I thought a war was going to break out)
– Same-sex marriage being legalized.

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“Same-sex marriage being legalized.”

Are you referring to its legalization in the USA?

Is it legal in Vietnam?

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@Brian1946 so far it isn’t here, but at least a country has legalized it. It means that it is something that can be accepted, and soon it will be legalized here.

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In the U.S. Bernie Sanders is getting WAY more people at his rallies than any other presidential primary candidate.
I find it fascinating that somehow good policy discussions are happening despite that the ‘liberal media’ are generally ignoring Bernie, attempting to bait him into Hillary-bashing (he’ll have none of it), or dimissing him as ‘unelectable’ (he’s been a mayor, a congressman, a senator… for 33 years, and ‘liberal media’ keep calling him unelectable).

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