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What do you have in your bug out bag?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) August 7th, 2015

Do you have any unusual items; like condensed human breast milk?

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Amoxicillin, hydrocodone, and hops.

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No BOB here. I’ll either live or die trying, right where I am.

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@Blondesjon That’s got to be one of the most wacked BOB bags I’ve heard of. But it might make a fun party. I turn dark purple with amoxcillin.

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Flexi-saw and duct tape for making shelter. Fish hooks, a spade, and 40-pound test for fishing. Vegetable seeds I replace every year.

Spirulina pills. If you have to fast, you can survive up to two months without food as long as you have enough protein to avoid cannibalizing your own muscles – including your heart. Spirulina will give you enough low-grade protein to avoid permanent damage if you have to go a few weeks without eating. (I once did a 37 day fast without harm just taking spirulina and vitamin C pills.)

And a hunting slingshot with a supply of ball bearings. My roommate used to laugh at my slingshot and make sarcastic comments about Mad Max and taking on the police with my awesome weapon. I finally got annoyed and fired a glass marble down our hallway in front of him. It went through the solid wooden door, the plaster lathe, and embedded in the concrete. And that was a glass marble. He stopped laughing after that.

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I found a 12×12” Fresnel lens that if really thin and takes next to no space at all. Potassium permanganate does triple duty as a water purifier, wound antiseptic and can be used to start fires. Glycerin, for wound dressing, skin care and mixed with Pot-Per is a safe method of starting a chemical fire when you run out of other options. It takes a lot and I don’t carry much.Then the usual foods, plastic sheets, first aid stuff, cordage. Usual Boy Scout stuff.
I actually keep mine in the car as a ‘Get Home Bag’ in case I have to leave the car.

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Mylar blankets, a multi-purpose knife, waterproof matches, those firestarter things things that spark (that’s the official name…), flashlight, regular first-aid stuff, batteries, nylon rope, a compass… Honestly, I can’t remember everything that’s in it. There’s a lot. It’s all inside of a bright orange, waterproof bag that floats. Keep it in the trunk of the car.

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First aid, batteries, plastic bags, flashlight, Beeman P17, about 200 pellets, rags, change of clothes, benadryl, duct tape, wire, paracord. There is more.
I will add some potassium permanganate -thanks @majorrich.

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Extra ammo.

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@ragingloli @janbb What do you call the kit you keep in the closet near your frond door that you grab when you have to suddenly leave your house due to an emergency? You have to be ready if there is an earthquake, flood, wildfire, nuclear power plant radiation leak, or horde of wild coyotes.
In Japan it is called an Earthquake kit. They are sold prepackaged. with food, water, blankets, ..... and an expiration date.

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I made a get home bag for each car so if we have a break down, we have water, shelter and food for a day or so in order to make it home. I kind of went a little nuts on the flashlights though. I figured they might be good trading stock. Those Cree LED’s are insanely bright and only need a AA battery. A slip of the finger and I got ten instead of one when I ordered.

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Emergency preparedness is not “prepping” The hype behind that has actually made people either go off the deep end or ignore it completely. Neither are good things. While I don’t have a “bag” I have enough stuff in my camping gear that can be ready to go in a couple of min. I use the stuff so keeping it in a bag is just not practical. Something that is even more important than having gear is knowing how to use it and what the limitations are.
That said:
Plenty of dehydrated food
A couple of water purifiers
Several methods of fire starting
backpacking tent
change of clothes
A couple of radios
A couple of knives
Solar charger…
Various medicines such as an epi-pen
basics like sunscreen…

Basically going to grab my backpacking gear and throw in some extras.
I’ll grab my pellet gun on the way out
my AR15 if shit is really bad

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I have some water and sealed fruit, a pack of resumes, and an umbrella. Also a weeks full of medication. I have enough room in my bug out bag to take grocery shopping. specifically for 2 gallons of milk in my back pack and other things in my almost empty duffel bag for other groceries.

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