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Can an ulcer mimic a gallbladder attack?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) August 7th, 2015

I couldn’t handle my chow tonight and hurled. But there was a lot of red there. My food included tomato sauce. But there seemed to be a lot of red. I know, see the doc, but it’s Friday night and I don’t want to go to the ER.

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I hope it’s nothing, but it’s not necessarily an organ giving you the problem. Could the food (or some ingredient) have been undercooked? Diseased?

Vomiting is somewhat of a self-protective action on the part of the esophagus and stomach.

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Nah, the food was okay, it was my stomach that rebelled.

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Have you had an ulcer?

Gallbladder attacks are from a meal with heavy fats. What were you eating?

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Gallbladder is on the right side, and the pain is typically on the right side. Really bad pain behind or just below the right breast. Women who have been through labor and delivery sometimes describe a gallbladder emergency as worse pain.

Ulcers typically occur in the stomach or esophagus, so that would be in the middle of your chest high up, or towards the left breast.

Obviously, we can’t know how much pain you are in or how upset your stomach is. If it were me I wouldn’t worry about the red if I just ate something with tomato sauce, but if you are in pain I would say you should address it with a doctor. If you have a fever that warrants an emergency.

That’s my non-medical, no way for me to really know your situation, opinion.

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@Adirondackwannabe PLEASE check in with us.

The stomach upset sounds like food issue if there is no elevated temp, ulcer don’t usually cause vomiting. The red color could be only the tomatoes but also if your vomiting was severe there could have been a blood vessel in you throat or esophagus that broke.

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I didn’t throw up when I had my gall bladder attacks until the pain got so bad I was writhing on the floor, shaking. It wasn’t after I ate. My vomit smelled of yellow stinky bile. The pain is very localised for me. Right side just under the ribcage. Pain worse than childbirth.
I’m in the unfortunate position of also having had an ulcer. I was 12 years old, but I remember the pain very well. (remember the eating disorder problem? yeah, that.) That was more like a burning sensation in my stomach. I felt the pain more on my left. The pain would worsen to sort of a hot stab when I ate but it could be pretty bad when I had an empty stomach.
It is hard to tell the difference between vomiting blood when you’ve had a meal of tomato sauce. If you go to the doctor, you may have to take home a test kit for your stool. When my ulcer came back a year later, it was the bleeding sort and I had to do the test kit. It was icky, but like science, so I just tried to not gag.
If you threw up right after a meal, it sounds like you had more of an issue with the food. I never threw up when I had my ulcer either…(unless I was sticking my toothbrush down my throat and doing it on purpose).
Gut pain is one of the more difficult symptoms because we often get ‘diffuse’ pain which can have a number of causes. It can also be caused by side affects of drugs you are on, for example, for migraines.
Let us know how you get on at the doctors….. because you ARE going to go get this checked out, aren’t you? *making a stern face with hands on hips.

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It was better yesterday. I’m also the idiot child that drank pipeline cleanser acid. That was interesting.

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