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Has anyone read "The God Delusion"?

Asked by Upward (740points) July 20th, 2008

What did you think? Is it worth reading?

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Yea, its another of satanic tool.

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Such a in-depth critique from someone that takes the Bible literally. Surprise, Surprise. $20 says that seVen hasn’t read the book. It (gender-neutral pronoun) was just offended by the title.

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i’m tempted to GA seVen’s pure ingnorance, but that would be too much credit

i have not read it, what is it about, and why does seVen think it’s a satanic tool, does it question believes ?

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I read it last summer and enjoyed it thoroughly. Very well-written, conversational, and reasoned. Any friend if Douglas Adams is a friend of mine!

Highly recommended.

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I picked it up, but haven’t made it through the entire thing. I have read The End of Faith by Sam Harris and God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens, both excellent books on the same topic.

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I am reading it right now, but I must stress that anyone who reads the God Delusion should also read The Dawkins Delusion.

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I’ve read it. I absolutely love it, and adore anything by sam harris at the same time.

(And i’ve read the dawkins delusion as well.)

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@delirium – Sam’s books look remarkable! Who knew there was such forward thinking going on?

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yes Dawnkins Dellusion must be read also for a contrast.

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Hahaha, seven, I SERIOUSLY doubt that you’ve read the god delusion in the first place.

and @upward: I fell in love with him after reading letter to a christian nation. A wonderful piece of work. I’ve bought that book at least six times so far, after giving each one away to friends who wanted to read it… (And never getting it back because they ended up lending it to a family member, and so on and so forth…)

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I’ve read it. I would recommend it. And amusingly it is much more balanced than the Dawkins Delusion which I think someone wrote cause they needed to make a quick book (pun intended).

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