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What do you think of this comparison between the recent Fox Party debate, and the concurrent Canadian debate?

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I didn’t watch the Fox Republican debate because I don’t hate myself and have no interest in such nonsense. There is no way to satirize this garbage. You could tell me that during the next debate, they will be asked to do push-ups and dance to a latin rhythm to try capture the Latino/a vote, and I would probably believe you.

That said, while the tone of the Canadian debate is at least more tolerable and not rooted in the celebration of anti-intellectualism, it’s still a horrible way to operate a democracy. It’s still about smooth talking, sound bites, appearance, etc. So, I’m tempted to praise Canada here. But the only thing I can think to say is that it’s not the U.S.. I suppose that’s praise enough.

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We have enough tzoris in the states with the republicans, I’m not aware of very many folks in the US who pay any attention the government of our frozen neighbor to the north.

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It’s rather unfair to compare the 2 formats. One is “American Idol”, while the other has the sober air associated with “lofty debate”. in our case, we must apparently be satisfied with whatever we can get, and the reduction of the Republican field to a comedy roast is better than nothing.

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Frozen neighbour?? @elbanditoroso it is and will put this in f degrees for you,it’s a 102F today doesn’t feel like frozen.

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It seems that the reason The Donald is doing so well in the polls is that as a reality show star, he knows how to treat the campaign like a reality show, and knows how to get his opponents ‘voted off.”

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I did watch this version of the Republican debate, however. Makes these candidates seem more reasonable and lucid.

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