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Best (re)interpratation of The Last Supper?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) July 20th, 2008

We all know the version by(Leonardo) da Vinci. Do you prefer da Vinci’s, another one from the same period or a modern reinterpretation of it? Care to elaborate why your choice?

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ZOMBIE!! After all jesus is a zombie who wants you eat his flesh and drink his blood(to infect the masses) and will one day rise up from the grave(again).

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the starwars one is soooo damn awesome, that’s gonna be my new poster for sure !

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here’s a slew of ‘em. my favorites are the aforementioned ZOMBIE last supper, and the BSG last supper.

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Mine will always be the Jesus Christ, Superstar Gethsemane vignette.

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I really like the Dali one a lot:
Its just really cool and a bit trippy.

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