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When is an activity involving politics a waste of time?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26791points) August 10th, 2015

Some, a few, most or half of any group of people anywhere in the world, participate, think about, care and follow local politics and maybe even international politics. But when is thinking or actively participating in politics hardly useful, impractical and a total waste of time?

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When it’s of no interest to you.

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I don’t think that politics are ever a waste of time; thinking that way is part of the reason we have the politicians (of both sides) that we have. Politicians rely on us to be low-information so they can spoon feed us bullshit and we just nod our heads and take it. If more people cared, we would probably have better cities, counties, states/provinces/etc, and countries.

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When any person or persons don’t vote.

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Hmm. When it becomes disruptive or stressful to an individuals personal life?

I don’t really know. But I know people and on occasion taken a page from their book-that had to abandon the news cycle and political landscape. Because it consumed them and or caused or contributed to stress related health problems.

I always wondered about signage. People on street corners waving names. Yes people are prone to suggestion. But it always feels like a willing argument for stupidity.

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Watching or listening to the news or reading newspapers about politics or politicians. The way the media reports stuff is so slanted I can’t believe any of it is really true.

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It’s a waste of time if you’re involved with a group who worships a candidate. No human is worthy of excitement like that.

Issue-based politics accomplishes a lot more.

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