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Ear piercing takes too much time to heal, any advice?

Asked by bluish (503points) August 10th, 2015

So.. I got my ears pierced a few months ago, then went for a second piercing and then a third. Both my ears look like this now (not my own pic, just found it on google) and they’re pretty much fine, except the third piercing on my left ear. It’s been about three months now and it just. won’t. heal. It doesn’t hurt much (and it only hurts a little when I touch it) but I can’t change the earring without some bleeding and a tiny but disgusting amount of white/yellowish pus. All my piercings took about two months to heal, while I was told it needs just one month and it’ll be fine. I’m worried, any advice?

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It’s probably infected.

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@JLeslie Umm.. yeah maybe but that’s how all of them were during the first three weeks, I suppose it’s taking too long?

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Do you turn the earring every day?

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It doesn’t look red or inflamed. Maybe wipe it down with hydrogen peroxide when you change the rings?

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Don’t take the stud out. Turn and douse it with alcohol or the cleaning solution you should have been provided on a clean cotton ball every day, twice a day. If the symptoms continue after another week, it’s time to remove the stud and possibly see a doctor. If it is or becomes red, painful, and/or swollen, don’t wait a week.

Good luck and please keep us posted.

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The primary problem is that the ears don’t have as rich a blood supply as other areas. That’s why both tongue and genital piercings generally heal significantly faster than ears. Much more blood flow facilitates faster healing.

Follow the advice above. Be patient.

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Were these done with a gun or a needle? The care will be different depending on which you had.
Although it does sound like you have an infection regardless. I would take that 3d earring out and treat it like any other wound. If it doesn’t get better, see a doc.
Yes, your hole will probably close up, but you can always get it done again.

I would recommend you go to a piercer and have it done with a needle, if you didn’t this time.

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Also: Make sure you aren’t wearing cheap jewelry. If you’re allergic, the healing time is going to be extremely long and drawn out.

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Even good jewelry can cause an allergic reaction. A lot of people are allergic to alloys like nickel.

It’s a good point, make sure you are wearing an earring you know does not aggravate your skin.

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@JLeslie Yes, I turn the earring every day, at least twice.
I do have a problem with cheap jewelry, @DrasticDreamer & @JLeslie , I’ve tried pretty much all “safe” materials and silver has been the best option. I’ve had allergic reactions to cheap earrings in the past (1st holes) but they’re okay now.
@Adirondackwannabe I use alcohol, isn’t it ok?
@Pied_Pfeffer Well, I actually changed it to a thinner one and it doesn’t hurt anymore! Yay! I guess the previous one was kind of stretching the hole and caused all the problems? I’m not sure but it’s better now.
@Buttonstc I know… That’s why I don’t think I’ll get any more piercings on my ears. I guess a helix piercing would take centuries to heal.
@anniereborn All six were done with a gun, but I have no idea what the difference is. I mean, between the two methods. I’d like to know, though :)

Aaand thank you all for the advice :)

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Are you using an earring that you have worn many times before and you know you don’t react to it?

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@bluish Alcohol is okay, but it might hurt.

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There is a big difference between the “gun” and a needle piercing. The gun basically rips a hole into your ear with the stud. When done with a needle by a professional piercer, it makes a nice clean cut. The needle causes less trauma to the area and a smooth pierce is much easier to heal than a jagged rip. The gun can also often cause scar tissue to form.

Also the best thing to clean your ears with is anti-bacterial soap or saline solution. Alcohol can further damage the piercing. And I must correct myself from earlier. Make sure to keep some kind of earring in the piercing in question when treating it. Otherwise the infection (if there is one) has no way to drain if the hole closes up.

Here is a good link for more information

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You should ask your doctor or at whoever did your piercings about this. You might have developed a sensitivity to certain metals .. or just the different locations on your ear could affect how they would heal. You should have someone look at your piercings. Asking strangers about this might do you more harm than good.

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