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What happens when you flush a toilet on the equator?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) July 20th, 2008

Would the water spin clockwise, counter-clockwise, or just go down? Would the toilet even flush?


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Yes it would flush, gravity would pull the water down. Your best bet is strait down since it is not on either hemisphere, now that’s if you are able to find the exact place where the equator is.

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Nothing. A flush toilet won’t work on the equator.

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Did an episode of the Simpsons inspire this question? The toilet flushing thing is a common misconception of the Coriolis Effect

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As @brownlemur said, it’s a common misconception that toilets flush in a different direction in the southern hemisphere than in the northern. The Coriolis Effect only affects large scale bodies, where toilets are much too small in scale. The rotation of a flush of water in a toilet is only affected by the design of the toilet.

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So, not to hijack the thread, but…. ;-)
What happens if there’s a whirlpool on the equator? Or a formation that would be a whirlpool anywhere else?

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Good sub question. It would probably either not happen or stop anything passing through I guess. Also, how big does a body of water have to be to be effected by the Coriolis Effect?

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The water goes to Narnia…
Straight down I guess, though the way the toilet is designed would surely have a stronger say in which was the water moves.

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the Coriolis effect look it up.

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