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Annoying pop-up on my web browser...

Asked by Glad2bhear (151points) August 10th, 2015

I’ve got this annoying pop-up on my web browser – just comes up outta nowhere- for a game called “League of Angels”. I’m not even a gamer at all. There’s a button to click on the center to play & it usually pops up on 2 tabs at once. Lately it’s been on my Chrome browser & I just close that window but it’s just becoming like a daily occurrence – even more than once a day sometimes. I definitely did NOT do anything to bring it about, haven’t installed any pop up stoppers & don’t even tell my browser to block pop ups.
I’m running a Mac & my Google Chrome browser is Version 44.0.2403.130 (64-bit) [if that matters]. Has anything like this ever happen to you?
So, how do stop this?

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Maybe you can scan your PC for any adware.

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For the love of god install a ad-blocker. Advertisements are a major source of malware now. I no longer care about publishers being denied ad revenue. The ads are destroying peoples computers. Ad-blockers are the new anti-virus.

uBlock origin for Chrome

In the ever changing world of ad blockers that is the king of the hill right now.

But since it is always the same ad I would think the problem is someplace else. I would probably start with disabling any extensions you have installed in chrome except uBlock and try to reproduce the problem. Sometimes nasties get snuck in when extensions get updated.

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I had forgot that I have an app on my Mac called AdwareMedic [which has just been renamed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac] so I ran it & so far found nothing. I’m gonna try using uBlock. Thanks for your input!

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OS X actually has a anti malware thing built in called Xprotect. That is generally good enough if you use a ad-blocker.

I would like to think of myself of the resident OS X guy around here. Please send me a PM if uBlock doesn’t help. I will do everything I can to source and remove the problem.

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I don’t know anything about computers anymore…. so I ask my 10 year old whiz kid. He told me that he has installed AdBlocker Plus. It has fixed loads of problems for me.

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I use a free application which blocks pop ups. Ghostery is the name. Priceless! I also have a mac. And I NEVER use Google Chrome. (in my opinion too invasive) I much prefer Firefox and Safari.

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@si3tech Avoid using Ghostery. It’s made by the advertisers themselves, and while it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, its real purpose is to gather intelligence for advertisers on how to circumvent ad-blocking. The company which makes Ghostery turns a profit by advising marketing companies on how they can get past products like Ghostery, using data provided by Ghostery’s own user base. It’s like getting an alarm system made by criminals for the purpose of gathering intelligence on the best way to break into houses, which they then sell to burglars.

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@SmashTheState :: That is opt in. When you install it it asks if you want to enable ghostrank. You have to turn it on.

Since it is a plugin you can easily examine the source. I have. It respects your privacy controls. I have been nice and posted the source here.

I have been using it for years and I have read the source. When you read the source get back to me with what you find malicious.

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@johnpowell Not being a sociopath, my concern extends beyond my self-interest. As I clearly indicated, Ghostery does what it says on the package. There are ethical considerations, however, in using a product made by marketers for the purpose of turning a profit by helping other marketers avoid ad-blocking software. What I find malicious isn’t in the source code, it’s in the ethics and my own elightened long-term best interests. If you don’t care about ethics or your own long-term best interests then by all means feel free to support Ghostery.

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