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How do you motivate yourself?

Asked by kimchi (1440points) August 11th, 2015

I always say, “You have a big future ahead of you. Work for it. Don’t regret it later on. Work hard, Dream big.” I also imagine myself in an Ivy League, doing big things on my own. How about you?

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Sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself. However, I find making a list of small tasks helps me keep going. The hardest thing for me is getting going. I’m usually fine once I’m working. I find using a timer can help when I’m really struggling to get going. In saying this, I get through a lot of work. I’m my own worst critic.

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Pep talks.
Preperation-getting me or the space around me ready to expedite the process or illiminate distraction can be really helpful.
Getting started is the hardest. Once I start I usually develop a rythym or allow myself to enjoy the process.

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I only need to remind myself of the rewards I will get after I complete the work. Many years ago it would take more but now that’s the only thing I need.

My rewards are always very specific so I have a good idea what I wil become after the work. And I’m,more and more determined as I grow up. I don’t give up so easily now.

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@kimchi I went from a little puissant redneck town of 2500 people, 50 kids in my high school class, to Cornell. God what a culture shock. But it was the best experience of my life. But I had no clue how to motivate myself the first few years. I learned from my fellow students. Plus I joined a fraternity. I needed a place I could think of as home.

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