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What are good examples of "first world problems" other than the kind found in dictionaries?

Asked by flo (12974points) August 13th, 2015

The examples found in dictionaries like in Urban dictionary are not the debatable kind. Of course those are first world problems.

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Trying to figure out what qualifies as a first world problem.

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Problems exclusive to the first world? I can’t think of any.

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That is the link in case the one in the detail is invalid

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Now I get it. You mean the yacht is too small “problems.”

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I don’t believe in first world problems. Having “nothing to wear” is typically called a first-world-problem… but when you’re a teen, and you’re facing a room of classmates who judge and ridicule, it can very much be a real problem.

I believe that, with a bit of digging, all our problems are very similar. I also believe that it is worthwhile to do that digging, because it can teach us a lot about our fellow humans.

Thinking about this reminds me of the way adults often look at the problems of children. There is a lot of arrogance displayed there, and I strongly dislike watching parents belittle their kids for crying about a lost toy, a spat between siblings, or a dead pet. No, it is not “Just a hamster.” Tears about a hamster are just as real as tears about losing a friend. In fact, that hamster may have been a friend.

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Not having a good enough nest to feather. To attract a mate.

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@talljasperman Not having enough money or being able to attract a mate isn’t a problem only first world countries have.

@longgone I agree with you. What is trivial to you can be major to them, and I hate it when adults can’t put them selves in their kids’ shoes.

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@Dutchess_III How about needing a BMW?

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Do you see needing a BMW as a “problem”?

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@Dutchess_III My ex boss did. He died rich and he got his BMW.

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Deciding what color tile to put on my backsplash in my kitchen.

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Arguing about gay marriage instead of food and water.

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The power going out right when you were about to sit down and watch the newest episode of DowntonAbbey/GameofThrones/RealHousewivesofNewYork

Wringing your hands over the fact that Donald Trump is a actual candidate in an American presidential election.

Being angry because your local juice bar ran out of kale.

Losing sleep over the thought that President Obama might have been born in Kenya.

Continuing to lose sleep over the fact that President Obama is still black.

Giving oneself an ulcer over the fact that President Obama supports marriage equality.

Mentally having to weigh the pros and cons of drinking green versus red Mountain Dew.

Having to decide, on the spot, if you want fries with that.

Pondering the question of just how much extra waste is being caused by one’s Keurig cups, and whether one should switch back to a regular old coffee maker or a French press, or whether it’s better just to drive to Starbucks and spend $4 on a cup of coffee, and then being really disappointed that your sister only has instant coffee at her house. Oh the horror!

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Not have good wait staff and butlers.

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@Tropic_Willie I think possibly that happens more in the third world than the first.

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I’ll check with @rojo. . . .

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Why rojo?

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..Obama is still black? See, that dude is so dumb. He never learns.

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In general, problems of having too many choices.
What restaurant to go to?
Where to go on vacation?
Which car to buy?
What stocks to purchase?

The question reminds me of this song

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Having too much to eat and getting fat.

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@longgone I see your point about feeling the things we feel at the time, and about being sensitive to the feelings of others. It’s about looking at it from a distance.

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@cazzie One can be sick of the movements of all motor vehicles, I supose, but I can’t see it being caused by the buses, or just the trucks, or just the…

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@flo, cazzie didn’t post here. Did you answer in the wrong question? I’ve done it before.

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@Dutchess_III Yes, and I just reposted it in the dad and sister thread. Thanks

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Now I gotta go find the dad and sister thread!

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@Tropical_Willie I’m watching Vecinos (Soap Opera out of Colombia) and a character just said she won’t move to Miami, because she won’t be able to have a maid there. Lol.

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It is a BIG problem in some neighborhoods!

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@Tropical_Willie I know, but it is probably a more common problem per capita in the third world. Average-ish income people have maids and sometimes drivers in parts of the third world. Live in. Also, sometimes they have a cook, sometimes a separate nanny. In the first world only the rich do. Some middle class people in the first world have someone clean once a week.

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You haven’t heard the complaints at Newport or The Hamptons ? ?

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@Tropical_Willie I know this is just a fun Q, so don’t feel like you have to take my “argument” seriously, but I did become curious about the actual stats and found this report if you have any interest take a look. If not that’s fine.

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Came across this post that an acquaintance posted, and thought of this Q:

1—i want to see more cute video and pix of dogs,not a cat person and am really tired of them
2—am feeling old, so many kids starting high school that should still be 3rd graders
3—the Perseides were a totally amazing meteor shower
4—hope the cooler weather is here to stay
5—the dog found another way out of the backyard.put him out to go run errand and he was in the front yard waiting for us
6—better go fix something to eat

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It was hard to find parking at the mall today.

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I wasn’t really thrilled with the new Mexican restaurant we ate at today. More food than we needed of course (as always) and it wasn’t that good.

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OMG! Both my Keurig machine and my laptop went on the fritz on the same day! It sucked because I was supposed to pick up Jaden at daycare before I went to my pilates class, but then I had to call tech support and some guy from India kept saying something that was unintelligible and then they put me on hold for 45 minutes! By that time, I missed both my pilates class and my zumba class and I had to use my landline to call my husband, because I was still on hold on my iphone. Jared had to leave work early today to go pick up Jaden from daycare, and then take Bella to her ballet class. He was all irritated because he’s supposed to fly out to Taiwan on Thursday to go to a shareholder’s meeting, and he was really cranky because they wouldn’t accept his frequent flyer miles to upgrade his seat to first class, so he’s stuck in business class. He hates that. So finally I got off the phone with the tech guy and he said they were going to charge me $150 to upgrade my computer to the new Windows 10, and I’m like, uh, noooooo, can you put someone on that speaks English?

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