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What are the shortest and longest taxi cab trips that you have taken?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) August 13th, 2015

For any reason. For me $5 in Jasper and also $60 from Jasper to Athabasca Falls. One way each.

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I have never used a taxi.

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I got in and got out. The cab driver was having an argument with his girlfriend (in Arabic) on his Blue Tooth ear piece and did not seem to notice I had gotten in the car.
BWI to Langley VA, in rush hour traffic.100 minutes.

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Shortest was ¾’s of a mile. Longest about 60 miles.

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Shortest – about a mile or so across town (a few bucks, can’t remember exactly). Longest – from Chicago (the block around the Sears Tower, to be specific) to Montgomery, IL (that trip cost me $114).

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When I was three, my parents put me in a cab in Indiana to see my grandmother in Wisconsin. 180 miles. It’s a 3 hour drive today. I’m not sure the interstate existed then, it might have been 4 hours or more.

Short cab rides are normal here in Chicago. I very rarely use them, but on a date or if my mom is visiting we might take a half mile ride.

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I drove a cab for a short time while in nursing school. The shortest trip was for an elderly lady who would go once a week from a grocery store to a condominium complex across the street. I didn’t bother to run the meter. She would give me five bucks, but she was forgetful sometimes and I didn’t have the heart to tell her to pay up.

Once, about 1:30am on a Saturday morning, a guy flagged me down outside a club in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. He was a sailor out of the Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville. He had been out with his high school buddies all night, missed his flight back and needed to get back to base by the 6am or he’d be AWOL. He threw $800 and change on the front seat and fell asleep in the back while I drove like a bat out of hell make the 250 miles to Jacksonville by dawn. We got to the gate at 0545, I gave him $200 back and he tossed it back at me. He was one grateful young tar.

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Both were in NYC. Shortest was a couple of blocks. I was dressed for an event and didn’t want to walk in the driving rain. Cabbie didn’t much care for my point of view.

Longest was from JFK Airport to midtown Manhattan during a blizzard. Took 2.5 hours.

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Measured by time, 10 min and 1 hour

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I took an Uber 2 blocks away from my place to a bar….yeah, I kinda felt like a doooooooouche

Longest? Thirty minutes crosstown.

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