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What does it mean to be enabled?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) August 16th, 2015

Either by family or government?

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Being enabled basically means being able to do something that a person can already do or being given permission to do so.

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It really depends on context.

Someone who does things so that a person can continue to behave in a negative manner (like using drugs or drinking, or not working) can be called an enabler.

People can also do things that assist other to do positive things, like setting up programs for people with disabilities to live independently.

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@zenvelo That’s all true for the definition of an enabler. The question is “What does it mean to be enabled?”

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@Pied_Pfeffer Context. If someone helps you to live independently, you are being enabled to live on your own.

If someone helps you get your booze, or makes sure your rent is paid when you don’t work, or pays your cable and internet bill when you sit around on the computer and watch TV all day, you are enabled to be dependent on someone else.

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@zenvelo Yeah, I get that. We are in sync; it is just that you approached it from the definition of an enabler and not someone enabled.

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If you’re enabled, it means you are catered to in a way that keeps you at a status quo, usually used in a negative context. People tend to change out of necessity. If there is no need to change they stay the same.

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It means that you’ve been singled out by Rupert Murdoch for vicious condemnation by an army of subnormal Foxtard hatemongers.

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If your are enabled you are allowed as in someone has allowed you to do your task.

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To enable is to facilitate or make possible whatever the activity/task.

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The question is vague, more context is required.

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