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Can you make really good beef jerky in outer space (details inside ) ?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) August 17th, 2015

Say you have a thin piece of flank steak could you expose it to outer space for a minute or so and have the meat boil and cook in the sun?

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I think it would become radioactive with all of the gamma rays? I could be very wrong though.

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^^^ In order for it to become radioactive, it would need to be exposed to radioactive isotopes, which I doubt are very prevalent in outer space. The gamma rays, being pure energy similar to x-rays (but with a much shorter wavelength) would pass through the meat & leave no traces behind.

Whether the meat would “cook” or not is a question that realistically can be answered only through experimentation by an ISS crew member. Given that the ambient temperature of space itself is generally listed as -274 (F), it seems like it would freeze solid and become jerky long before it cooked.

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I agree with @sahID. It would flash-freeze-dry and become jerky. Any water would probably evapora.te due to vacuum

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Beef jerky is not “cooked.” It is cured with salt, mainly, and dried.

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