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Can a bachelor degree holder in Biotechnology pursue study in Master of Clinical Pharmacy?

Asked by lulu (4points) July 21st, 2008
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Short answer: yes, of course.
Longer answer: You have to go to admissions office of the university of your choice and they will tell you if yo are missing any credits and what to do about it.

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From what I know, you just need to have taken certain classes in undergrad, and these are typically the same classes as for med school. It varies depending on the pharmacology school though. I would think with a major in Biotech, you’ve probably taken those classes, but I couldn’t say with any degree of certainty.

I would figure out what school(s) you might want to go to, and look at the admissions page of their website. If you don’t know what school you might want to go to, I would go to the Princeton Review’s website at, and do a search.

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