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Is there anyone in your life that you hate?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 19th, 2015

This question came to me because I am watching a true crime documentary about Jodi Arias. She had a boyfriend that broke up with her, she stalked him and did other terrible things to him, and eventually killed him. During the time of their being broken up, when she was doing terrible things to him, he texted her that he hated her (and then he’d allow her to come over and have sex with him, which proved to be his undoing).

Anyway, I thought about it and realized I don’t hate anyone. I get mad at people, may say I can’t stand them, but I am pretty forgiving and may be leery of them but won’t hate them.

Do you hate anyone?

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I can’t think of anyone

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I hate B.O. Plenty. God use some deordorant. Other than that no. Oh and Trump’s hair. What the hell is that. Some animal died on your head?

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No. I don’t hate anyone.

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I try not to, but I admit I have trouble letting go of the shit my ex-boss did.
For those who are unfamiliar with the story, he raped a coworker, took pictures of it, showed the crew, purposely gave another coworker a heart attack, was a pedophile and bragged about it, and a lot of other things. He did his best to fire me, but failed.

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Not at the moment

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^ That guy I could hate @filmfann. Is he in jail?

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No. I have one friend that annoys me at times, she is kind of a know it all with a flair for drama, but hate, not even close.

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No. The company covered it up, out of fear they would be sued.

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Yup, my Ex -dispatcher a really good looking thirty something mean as hell and totally clueless about trucking, she only got the job because she aced the oral exam if you know what I mean,
She would give me shit about ,stuff like why did the run take six hours, she can knock it off in four in her car,really she would compare a Honda Prelude against a 63 and a half ton semi.
Or haul a driver across the carpet for being 80kgs shy of a max payload,when you’re loading 40,000kgs what the hell is 80kkgs but she would scream it’s profit.
And you wonder why I don’t have a positive out look at things?????
Should add I haven’t dealt with this bitch for over 14years now and I still hate her, and wouldn’t harm her but I wouldn’t give her a drop of water if I found her wondering in the desert.

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And @jca you mean you forgive me for all my doom and gloom questions?
Oh and my rant ones , especially the ones about the addictions to cell phones??

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No. I don’t have the time.

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I have someone who did things that are, if a pretty normal and common person knows I think he would say, pretty terrible, to me, and I didn’t have a choice then but to take it.
Just trying to accept that is part of my life and I can’t change that, I can try to be a better man though.

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When I first wrote my answer to this question, I said no, there are people I dislike but nobody I hate. However, there are two people I hate. One is dead. The other I don’t know about. Both committed despicable acts. I hate those two men.

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I may forgive, but I don’t forget. If I hated I would do the two things at the same time.

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Not anyone personally I know. I may use the word hate to point out how despicable someone is to me, but truly hating someone is a different beast. I would have to actually know them and have them do something pretty bad for me to hate them.

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Yes. I had a similar situation with a boss as @filmfan. He did a lot of illegal things and mentally raped a number of people, including some people who are very near and dear to me.

He apparently left a trail of tears everywhere he’s ever worked, but people are too afraid to get fired when they’re in his presence, and then, after the fact, they don’t want to get into trouble for giving him a bad review when he is ultimately fired promoted and sent up the ladder. He currently works for a different company. He’s worked for several different companies after he was made to leave “resigned” to move on to bigger and better things, and has wreaked havoc wherever he’s landed. Karma hasn’t caught up to him yet.

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@SQUEEKY2: I have had crappy situations at work, too, but it doesn’t change my overall outlook on life. I think one thing has nothing to do with the other.

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I hated my father. Wanna know how I got these scars?

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Hate in the fiery way which is the opposite of love – no. There are people whom I dislike a lot, but I find that hatred is not compatible with even the tiniest shred of understanding. As soon as I can imagine what made a person become who they are, I can’t blindly hate them. I almost always can imagine, so hate is not an emotion I feel.

@ragingloli What a joker.

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I used to – outgrew it. Not worth the effort. I guess my ‘revenge’ is that if I really don’t like someone, I stop thinking about that person. They disappear from my brain.

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I still don’t really understand the meanings of the words “love” and “hate”. says “to dislike intensely or passionately”. I’d say there are people who I feel this way about, but then people go on and say “hate is a strong word” or even “you can hate things but you should never hate a human.”

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I think that last quote is in relation to the psych saying of “hate the behavior but not the person.” That’s a hard one to apply at times, not confusing bad behavior with the totality of the person.

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No. Who’s got time for that nonsense?

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