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How do you keep wet wipes moist?

Asked by AshlynM (10552points) August 20th, 2015

Wet wipes for face or hands. If you just want to take a few on the go, not the whole package. Can you use a ziploc bag?

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I always use ziplock bags for keeping things moist, if you have the space you can also use an airtight container for that extra peace of mind

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Plasic baggie. Be sure it’s a quality one, not a cheapie, and that it’s closed tightly.

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Have you ever seen a pillpouch? It’s like a ziplock bag. They’re about 3“X2”, so they’d keep them better than a ziplock bag. It’d only hold a few but if that’s all you need it would work.

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They also sell them in really small square flat containers designed to conveniently hold just a few. But I’m going to assume that they are significantly more expensive per wipe.

If you’re going the ziplock route, buy the ones designed for freezer use (they have smaller ones for 1 Quart size). They are much thicker and designed to prevent as much moisture loss as possible because that’s the cause of “freezer burn”.

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It would help you to know that there are different kinds of plastic. There are the kinds that are air-permeable (which means your wipes can dry out inside the bag) and the kinds that are not. Freezer bags are not air permeable.

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If you’re going to use them often on your trip, it might be worth it to buy new wipes in a smaller quantity, the packages that are about an inch high.

I usually keep a whole big one of Kirkland brand (Costco) in the car, and then take it out with me if I’m going to a fair or something. If I were taking a plane, I’d probably go to a drug store or supermarket and buy a smaller pack (like my first paragraph states), which weighs less, and takes up less space in luggage.

It depends on how often you use them.

If just for a day and you don’t want to carry weight, take a few in a baggy and even if you don’t seal it, they’ll stay wet.

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Good suggestions. Thanks everyone.

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When left in a car they can become really dry from being left in the heat and cold. As suggested above you can put it in a zip lock bag but they can still get dry. Check the moisture and you can add a bit of witch hazel if it seems to be getting dry. I take my pack and put it in a zip lock bag. for extra measure.
The reason I use witch hazel is because it is already purified and it has a soothing effect on the skin. So you can use it on your face, or your hands or even for your rear.

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I’ve read online you can just add water to them if they dry out and they’ll be as good as new.

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FYI, I have even seen the individually wrapped towelettes dry out over time, left in a car.

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Sometimes I get the individually wrapped hand wipes (I think they used to be called Handi-Wipes, in fact). They come from restaurants that serve messy foods that may be eaten by hand, like lobster or ribs. I keep them in my desk at work, and after a few years, they’re dried out, too.

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Put into a tightly sealed wrapping/container will do, as long as the wipes are not exposed to air.

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