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Do you think this proves that polls lie, or that people have no real idea who is running for President.

Asked by Pandora (29242points) August 20th, 2015

This 15 year old decided to run under the alias as Deez Nuts Independent. He actually got 9 percent in North Carolina.
I can understand actually picking him as a joke but I wondered if there are people who actually thought he was running when they cast their vote.
But against those two, I would even vote for the phony Deez Nuts. Hell. I’ll take a 15 year old farm boy over our current selection. Ok, I probably won’t, but I think this should send a message to candidates.

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Consider the state that he was set-up for a candidate.

“They don’t all have an elevator that goes to the top floor.”

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Yeah, what worried me is when they polled people about whether they thought favorable or unfavorable, that 81 percent said not sure. Wow!
This truly explains a lot about how some states votes.

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@Pandora The 81% unsure probably wanted to know if he was a Democratic Independent or a Republican Independent.

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@zenvelo That 81 percent should’ve said I can’t select anything without knowing this is a joke. The moment I saw Deez Nuts, I figured it was a joke.
So I can even get the ones who said favorable or unfavorable. Favorable may have been the people who simply didn’t care if it was a joke or not because they figure even an actual clown may be better than what we go. Unfavorable, means they probably thought it a joke. The rest means they didn’t have enough sense to actually put it together. Deez, as in These,Nuts. Even if it was an actual name, no politician would run with it. They would’ve changed the name to Deets Rich or something that doesn’t get with Nuts.

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I think the majority of the Nut fans are just having fun with the pollsters. After all, it isn’t as if they’re throwing away an actual vote.

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I think it proves that people are trolling the pollsters.

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