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Could i be pregnant?

Asked by alinap (1points) July 21st, 2008

I had SEX July 19, 2008. My last menstrual period was on June 27, 2008, I last 8 days on my period. I’ am suppose to get my next period the July 27,2008. I don’t know when I ovulate, so can I be pregnant?

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There is a chance you could be pregnant. There is almost always a small chance. Did you use protection? Do you have any reason to believe you’re pregnant besides just being worried about it?

If you don’t get your period, then take a pregnancy test. Try not to think about it until then.

Also, there are probably better forums than this for that type of question. I’m not being rude, but you might try finding a women’s health type place to get some better and more scientific answers. I know livejournal has a community specifically called, “Am I pregnant?”

Good luck.

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I take it birth control was not present and/or something went amiss?

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google ‘ovulation calculator’ and you should be able to find a calculator to help you figure out when you are supposed to ovulate.

my wife and I are trying to get pregnant, so i hear about ovulation dates all the time

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Get a pregnancy test, just to be sure…

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Of course you could be pregnant, but you already knew that. What additional information are you hoping to find here?

You are going to have a tough time finding out when you ovulated in the past. The best you can hope to do is start tracking your temperature and cervical fluid now and you’ll know for the future.

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The chance is pretty small. I used the ovulation calculator at, and it said (I’m assuming June 27th was when your period started) you most likely ovulated sometime from July 8, 2008 to July 13, 2008.

If I were you I would probably take a pregnancy test anyway, so I could stop worrying. You can use the first results kind up to 10 days before you period. So, you could do it now.

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