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Keeping the protective plastic on the product...

Asked by Glad2bhear (151points) August 21st, 2015

I have a really cheap cell phone & I want to keep the protective plastic on the screen. It’s already coming off. Is there a way to reapply it so that it’ll stay on [at least for a little while longer]? I really don’t want to have to buy one of the real screen protectors & cut it down ‘cause that’s just too much trouble to be bothered with.
Any ideas?

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Once the adhesive lets the plastic pull away from the screen, that is usually the end.

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Id imagine they make screen protectors for your specific model.

Otherwise, I’d say just remove it and live with a couple dings/scratches over the life of the phone. If it’s as cheap as you are making it out to be, it probably won’t have any resale value.

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Have you Googled your precise make and model along with “screen protector” to see if any exist?

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