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How long would you stay in an agony booth (from Star Trek reverse dimension) in order to pay a portion of your student loans? (Details inside )

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) August 21st, 2015

The agony booth is a punishment in the reverse dimension in Star Trek where one is put into a locked tube where you are electrocuted without killing the victim. How much would you say a minute should pay your student loans ? $5,000 for one minute or whatever? Would you be desperate enough to have your student loans paid for?

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I don’t think the Agony Booth electrocutes people. It uses nerve induction to directly stimulate the pain receptors of the brain without causing physical damage. There’s a limited amout of pain it can cause, however, since it’s stimulating the nerves and not the brain directly. Nerve endings have limited capacity to transmit pain, after which there is a refractory period during which the nerve has to recover.

If I was going to design an Agony Booth, I’d move the induction field around at random over the body giving the nerves brief periods to recover while simultaneously preventing the subject from knowing where the pain is going to come from next. Assuming this is how the Agony Booth works, I would probably use it for nothing. The ability to experience agonizing pain without suffering physical damage would be an excellent way to practice meditation. The full-lotus meditation position, for example, is used by Zen masters to cause excruciating pain the legs to use as a focus while meditating. The Agony Booth is adjustable and harmless, so would be the ideal tool for slowly ramping up the level of pain a person can tolerate, thus achieving a deeper and deeper level of meditation. Getting paid for this would just be a bonus.

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The agony booth will be in use across America next year when it’s time to vote for President.

I remember the agony booth did cause long term damage to people in that episode.

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It is called the “mirror universe”.

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zero…I would not.

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God. Long time. I’ve been battling those damn things since 1993.

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