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How do I get rid of ants?

Asked by St.George (5852points) July 21st, 2008

They’ve invaded my home and since I’m a baker they’ve got lots of product to eat and contaminate. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on an exterminator, but I will if it’s my only option. Something fast and effective please.

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Have you tried ant traps?

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Boric acid powder will work but it takes time.

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Yep, tried the ant traps but they have not worked. Boric acid powder. How? Where?

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Hardware store, drugstore. Spread it along their paths and entry points, inside & outside. Check the wiki on boric acid; there’s an alternative recipe for distribution there.

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What worked for my folks was the gel/clear liquid ant poison. They look kinda like “handi-snack” packages, and you cut the bottom near the front. The ants come in , bring the poison back, and kill the colony. It worked in two days or so. I’m not sure what the specific poison was though.

Edit: here is a link
It is Borax.

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ant hotels will take a week or two to work completely. Keep them around and try the other methods above.

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Have you ever considered an aardvark for a house pet?
Formula 409 does wonders. Just spray the conga line of ants with the stuff. Don’t forget to wipe up thoroughly. You want to eliminate the smell of the trail the best you can or they’ll just come back the same route. Of course, eventually they will return via another route. Good luck.

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This link and this link have some good suggestions. Don’t forget to read the comments further down the page.

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Thank you…I’m going to give all these a try.

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