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Jerv has the lurve, oh yeah! Who's gonna parrrrrrrtay?

Asked by Here2_4 (7135points) August 24th, 2015

30K, that’s a lot.
30K that’s what he’s got.
Let’s congratulate @jerv

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Congratulations to our local computer expert.

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I am.

Congtatulation jerv! I love your clever responses. You seem to have a set of thinking nobody has, and that’s what make your responses so original. You always give me a new perpective on the matter and something new to learn.

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Get downwith yo bad self Jerv!
Here’s a little tune to start the party.

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Tip o’ the hat! The video won’t play froggy!

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Happy times are upon Jerv!!! Congrats!!!

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Congratulations, @jerv! Thank you for your help with two different issues I was having recently. Your in depth answers are always appreciated.

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@jerv – - The person with the answers for computer issues ! ! !

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I’ll be the DJ how about some Tainted Lurve? lol

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Wow!! Truly wonderful, and well-deserved, my friend.

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Wow! Way to go Jerv! But I still beat you by 107 points. And I’m a GIRL!


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Great to have your voice in the collective!

Mazel Tov on the 30K!

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Well WTF..where’s the guest of honor anyway?
Jerv, you’ve got lurve!

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Jerv, we had a period of difference and I’m glad we got over that.
You’re one of the best contributors at Fluther, and a decent, level-headed guy.

I’d love it if Fluther lived to allow you 60,000+.

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Yeeeeeehhha√†aaaaaaaa! Get the champagne flowing and the music turned up! Well done snd here’s to the next 30k!

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Break out the champagne and peanuts… Congrats, jerv.

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Fabulous!! I flippin’ love that guy. I always enjoy your answers @jerv. Congratulations!!

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Thanks, y’all! Hard to believe I’ve been here that long already….

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You made it to your party at last! Congratulations! So cool to see you made it, but I had no doubts. You are helpful all over the place. Thanks for being here; at the party, and on Fluther.

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I actually like Jerv.

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Hey @jerv Congrats on the the well deserved 30k!
Your expertise makes you my go to guy for machining odd materials.
Also thanks for giving me a clearer picture of the way a certain person thinks. Your advice has been spot on for years!

~We’ve got Inconel knocked. Now how would I cut a 0.5” wide and 0.5” deep groove in a 4” OD, 4” slug of Aerogel? :-)

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@jerv! Congrats on the 30K! Awesome summertime achievement! I’ve been watching your approach to 30K and knew it would be any day now. Very exciting! Happy Summer!

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All the lurve to our main man, Jerv! Congratulations!

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dunno whether we should call him a nerd or a geek, but we lurve him just the same!

Congo Rats!

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Whoo Hoo! Congrats!!

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Hey…just tried my 1st video link and it played for me. @stanleybmanly said it didn’t work, is it working for the rest of you?

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I didn’t get it until my fourth try. It’s disco.

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Congratulations! Very well deserved honor!

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Well deserved praise for your accomplishment.

You’re always willing to help out the technotards among us (I being the chief one) and you really know what you’re talking about.


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Congrats on the 30K @jerv quite the accomplishment with ⅓ the jellies around.

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Sorry for the late response, but I missed the party. Congo rats, jerv! You are a very valued contributor here!

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I’m late but it’s not because I don’t love @jerv because I do. I really do

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Lurve to the latecomers that keep the party perkin.

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