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Is there a font that best emulates the lettering from Deathnote?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) July 21st, 2008

here’s a pitcure for refrence.

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if no one comes up with anything… is a great place to look for fonts—I’m sure they have something like that. I did a quick scan of some fonts there, but it could take some time to find it.

or if you feel really adventurous you could try and make your own!

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Check What the Font – you can upload a JPEG & isolate each letter for comparison. Straighten out that book cover in Photoshop first.

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I tried what the font after rotating foolaholic’s picture – it is a really great idea. i did not however find a good font that matched deathnote’s. do you have a sample that does not need to be rotated?

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Just for kicks, I rotated, cropped, and reversed out the text. What the Font found no good matches. It could be handlettered.

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I found this after some googling. It has most of the fonts used in the manga including the one your looking for.

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@dr hat: I just googled death note for that picture, and I’m sure there are better images, it was just the first to spring to my attention.

@batman: many thanks for this find!

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