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You accidentally lock yourself out of your own house NAKED at noon tomorrow. How old are you, male/female and how embarrassed on a scale of 1 to 10?

Asked by daniela51382 (21points) August 24th, 2015

Do you blush? Cover with hands?

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Forget locking myself out, What in the hell am I doing outside at noon in my birthday suit in the first place that is what I want to know.
Blush??? The freakin neighbours would think I was on drugs being outside in the buff at that time of day.

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Female and I’d just go and sit out the back until someone else came home who has a key. I wouldn’t be embarrassed because nobody other than family would see me. I would be bored and pissed off because I wouldn’t get anything done for the rest of the afternoon. I’d also have to put up with some ribbing from my family.

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Male. 54. Retired. Neighbors have keys just for such an emergency. They would assume I went of my medications. Oh yeah. Embarassment factor 1.

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30, female. Not sure how that would happen, but I’d just hide in my back yard and/or garage until someone else was home. If people saw me, I would absolutely be mortified.

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55, female and not embarrassed at all. I live on a 10 acre hobby ranch. The only eyes staring at me will be 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 5 ducks and geese, 8 chickens, 2 cats and a dog.
Now if I were still 30 I’d cause a stampede, now everyone just looks bored. haha

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51, Female. Couldn’t, wouldn’t happen. You have to have the key in your hand, outside the house to lock the door. I never go downstairs nekkid, so even if someone else locked me out, when I stepped outside to get the paper, I’d still have clothes on.

However, all of this being said, I would feel a little less embarrassed now, than I would have a year ago, because I’m 30 lbs. slimmer and all hardened up where it counts. I work out : )

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Not a chance in the universe!

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Once in a blue moon I have the “naked nightmare.”

I’m 47 and I would go to my back patio and place some chairs in front of me and lay down on a lounge chair until someone came home. I back to a golf course, so I don’t have privacy back there, but the chairs should block the view of my girly parts pretty well.

If someone saw me I wouldn’t be extremely upset. I’d ask for their help. I’m assuming I don’t have my phone. I’d ask them to phone my husband or someone who had my key. If I can remember their phone number. I’d hold a chair cushion in front of me while talking to them.

My intention was to put a combination lock on my bathroom door at the back of my house, and one of my garage interior doors. Then I would almost never be locked out. Actually, once in a while my interior garage door is left unlocked, so I would check that. I have a combination to lift the garage car door. I can get into my garage as long as the power is working.

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Ageing male. In my younger years I would have freaked, but nowadays, with vanity fading, I’d just grab one of the several housekeys I keep well hidden in front and back of my house, problem solved. (I have a hot tub on my patio and usually soak in the buff, though never at noon when the sun is high and the neighbors are out.)

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Female – late 40’s. I’d be on the deck where nobody would see me from the street (street is not too close to the deck) and I’d just hide behind the lounge until dark, and then I’d break into the house through a window.

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Male 24 years old. Two or three years ago I would have been 10/10 embarrassed, but if it happened today I don’t think I would be at all embarrassed. I’d just go around back where there is a spare key hidden, or if no spare key is allowed in this hypothetical, I’d go in the pool and swim around until someone else came home who could bring me a pair of shorts.
I would not be the least embarrassed if a neighbor saw me, but I would be afraid of some moron calling the cops and getting me put on some kind of sex offenders list.

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Male, 60, suburban dweller on cul-de-sac, probably a 1 on embarrassment for the nudity, 10 for the absentmindedness.
I think most of my neighbors would be understanding and lend me a towel or pair of shorts while I waited for my wife to come home from work. They don’t bat an eye anymore when I wander around the yard in just my sarong. It did raise a few eyebrows at first, now I think I have reached an age where I am just considered eccentric.

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Female, 43, no embarrassment at all, as such a thing would never ever happen. I wouldn’t put even my toe out.

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Male, 22, 9 I guess…Kinda can’t imagine why I would lock myself out naked lol….It certainly happens but I seldom get naked so

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