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Online shopping is something I enjoy immensely, do you know any website which could be a best guide for online shopping?

Asked by juliaa (16points) July 21st, 2008
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Try eBay…. They have auctions as well as stores… They are great at explaining how to’s! Hope that helps!!!

eambos's avatar has some great deals on many items. You can buy from there or use it as a way to compare prices with other sites.

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did a quick google search on ‘guide for online shopping’ and found a bunch of stuff…including the following links…

whatthefluther's avatar includes third party vendors in addition to Amazon’s items. Prices are usually good and often the best out there. I always compare their prices with Overstock, Best Buy, Target (Target is a third party vendor on, Walmart, etc., depending on the item. Most helpful are Amazon’s customer reviews which are frank and sincere and which I find, generally, right on target.

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