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Why would you vote for Hillary Clinton for President?

Asked by Aster (19949points) August 27th, 2015

I don’t know that much about Hillary but would love to hear the words of wisdom from the collective about why she’d be great at the job.

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If I was American I would vote her in just to be curious about what would happen if she won.

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I would vote for her if she got the Democratic nomination over Bernie Sanders, but I’m hoping Bernie Sanders gets it. (and YES, I can still vote in presidential elections)

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^^ thanks but why would you vote for her?

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Way too early to be deciding. Ask me in a year.

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The unfortunate truth is that it will almost certainly be a case of the lesser of 2 evils.

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^^^ Always is. Forgot who said “Wouldn’t it be nice to vote for the greater of two goods rather than the lesser of two evils.”

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She’s the best person for the job. She was a better choice for president when her husband was president and he did a swell job!

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I would not vote for her because she doesn’t play golf.

“since 1980, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry and John McCain have lost to golfers.”

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I don’t really like her. But out of the parade of idiots she is certainly the most qualified. And there will be Bill around for guidance.

And there is no possible way that I would vote for any of the Republicans. Well, maybe Rand Paul.

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Given the choice, I’d vote for a Democrat over a Republican unless the Democrat was some total nut job.

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I’m curious to see how this investigation of her emails goes.

When Hillary ran in the Primaries eight years ago I went out in a storm that had tornado watches to make sure I cast my vote for her. I really wanted her to be President then.

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No. But if I voted D, I would consider Joe Biden.

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She oozes self serving bullshit from every pore, vote for none of the above.

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I predict she will not be the Democratic nominee.

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i want my sweet Obama back :(

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I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, I don’t consider her trustworthy. She’s been steeped in controversy from the Whitewater fraud, Benghazi, and now the private email server debacle. Apparently the rules don’t apply to her. Add to that the irony of her election commercials vilifying CEO wages, while her and Bill have an estimated net worth of over $200 million dollars. She is just not President material, IMHO.

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I think @cazzie‘s reason is completely valid. If Hillary is the Democratic party’s nominee I will vote for her.
The things she has going for her are: federal level experience as senator and Secretary of State

However, I also don’t believe she is the best candidate for most U.S. citizens who aren’t in the parasite class (wealthiest 0.1%). Bernie Sanders has been articulating policies that benefit regular people for thirty years. Contrary to the stupid ‘liberal media’(NOT) he is quite obviously electable as he’s been in public offices for decades.

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There’s absolutely no reason to vote for Hillary. She has no redeeming features.

Sanders is the only one with any integrity and decency. It’s actually remarkable that he’s doing so well and surging in the polls. In previous election cycles, the more decent and honest Democratic candidates have usually finished last.

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If she is the Democratic nominee, she gets my vote.

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We ‘anchor babies’ still have a right to vote, you asshole GOP scum bags. And you can’t o a fucking thing about it. I have the day off tomorrow and i’m going to go get myself a tshirt that says anchor baby on it. Or what would be a better term for those of us born in the US but now live outside the US and still have voting rights?

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Patriotic Un-Americans?

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@cazzie You’re not an anchor baby. I’m missing something. Did your parents come to America without papers?

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@JLeslie I believe @cazzie is in the Norway ! ! !

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Sorry, I should have been more obvious in my sarcasm when I answered “Patriotic Un-American”. Please add full levels of sarcasm to the above posting of mine.

I am sure the Trump-eters and the GOP would fully believe that ex-pats are unamerican.

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@Tropical_Willie I know she is in Norway. So what? I must have missed an answer somewhere. I’m not sure what @cazzie was responding to?

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@JLeslie I think she votes with an absentee ballot for USA elections

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^^She is an American. Born and raised American. As far as I know from American parents. What does that have to do with anchor babies? I missed something. I need to go back and read the whole thread again I think.

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Any Democrat will get my vote. I suspect it will be Hillary, and I think she will continue Obama’s policies and do a fine job.

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@JLeslie Like ‘anchor babies’ us expats can exercise our voting rights in national elections. So,... I will probably never live there again, but me and my brother in law can still vote. I find that a predicament for the likes of the GOP. I was writing that reply on my phone and it had to be brief and lacked detail. I apologise.

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@cazzie I would guess probably some people feel we should take away voting rights for people in your similar situation.

I know some countries allow non-citizens to vote for President if they have been residents for a certain amount of time. Maybe some countries also strip people of their right to vote if they haven’t lived in country for many years? That would be interesting to know.

Anchor babies are born and raised in America, and assuming they are living here once they reach voting age, I can’t see any reason not to let them vote. I don’t think most people have a problem with anchor babies voting, they have a problem with them receiving social services and with the parents being allowed to stay in the country, because they have an American child.

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I don’t think she is up to the job. To run and campaign for presidential place maybe, but not to be the president of the United States of America. Seriously.

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@citizenearth That’s right. She’s only been First Lady for 8 years, a Senator for 8 years and Secretary of State for about 5 years. So very under-qualified.

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