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Why would putting fish into a sink hole full of water cause the city to finally respond, after "years" of ignoring the problem?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42443points) August 30th, 2015


Hells bells. The city wants to “rescue” the fish!

And if some sort of charges can be dreamed up for the guys who introduced the fish, should they be charged?

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You know what was annoying about that article? While I was reading it, a video commercial started playing automatically.

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Pure embarrassment.

The utility thought they could get away with ignoring this forever – until these smart neighbors came up with a brilliant idea.

I think the guys who added the fist should be given gold stars and a “smart citizen” award.

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That didn’t happen to me @jca.

I think it’s a great idea too, @elbanditoroso!

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While I was reading it, the beginning of an ABC TV broadcast story about it began playing, @jca. When that happens, I just move my cursor up to the lower left hand corner of the video until two parallel vertical bars appear, then I left click the bars. Problem solved.

I don’t see how the fish supplying guys could be charged with anything. The utility employee who decided to ignore the damage their repair actions caused could potentially be charged with some form of endangerment citation.

My follow-up question is: is Detroit solvent enough to repair the damage?

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That would be “employees,” plural, @sahID. And if they aren’t solvent enough to repair the damage, just leave the fish and leave it alone.

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Getting the media involved is sadly what it often takes to get problems solved. Make sure to feed the fish only a pinch….

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Why do I want to get a six pack of beer, my fishing rig, and go hang with these guys?

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