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Shall we say farewell to the master of horror?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) August 30th, 2015

Wes Craven RIP. Thank you for bringing excitement to our teen days with your chilling performances!

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Seriously? Oh wow! Bummer…

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I am sorry, but the master of Horror is clearly John Carpenter.
You want the epitome of Horror, watch “The Thing”.

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I’m disappointed that he died of brain cancer.

After his various slasher movies (and other creative ways to be dispatched), he should have had the style to go out in a more colorful, exciting, and macabre way. That would have been a good ending.

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I have a clear and distinct memory of seeing the first Nightmare movie at an evening showing in a theater. It was a cool evening, and walking—then running—across the dark parking lot was a continuation of the film. The friend that was driving had an old LTD with a trunk that didn’t latch properly and as we got to the car, he thumped the quarter-panel and the trunk sprang open.
I’m surprised one of us didn’t have a heart attack.
RIP wes Craven.

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Poor Wes, his death from brain cancer is a horror movie all by itself.

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He certainly did not look his age which was 76.

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Boo bye! Rest in pieces. (Meant with respect!)

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@elbanditoroso what could be more macabre than having your brain consumed by cancer?

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A parasitic alien taking over your body and turning your chest cavity into a mouth full of tentacles.

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@ragingloli looks like me during an IBS crisis!

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Aww. I love horror. He’ll be missed.

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