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So did PBS make its funding level ?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) August 31st, 2015

Last I heard they were $5,000 short for today’s deadline. From Edmonton, Calgary, Spokane, Cord ‘de lane. (PBS is Public broadcasting station ) also what Nova science shows in the works?

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I think you are conflating the fund raising for an individual station with the funding of the Public Broadcasting System. And if either falls $5,000 short, it will not be the end of the world, or PBS, or the station. They will just have to cut back somewhere, usual place to cut back is in original programming.

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$5,000 is pretty slight even for a small low-budget television station.

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Not to be cynical about this, but how do you think people would react if they announced that not only had they met their goal, but in fact went beyond it by $10,000? Seems to me that public broadcasting is always just short of their goal.

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I’ll use and abuse, @LostInParadise‘s answer, ”Seems to me that public broadcasting is always just short of their goal.

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Update : Yes they did make the funding level.

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