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Should you send a thank you for a thank you gift?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) July 21st, 2008

I watched my nextdoor neighbor’s dog while they were on vacation and they gave me a very generous thank you gift. Should I send them thank you?

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you can just say it and do good deeds throughout your life to be appreciative.

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I don’t think so. Just accept it and be gracious.

That could get very out of hand, doncha think. They send a thank you present, you send a thank you card, they are thankful for the thank you card, and have to respond with a thank you email. You respond with a thank you fax, they feel it necessary to send a thank you telegraph.

Could go on for years.

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You are in grave danger of starting a perpetual thank you loop!

Seriously though, just say thanks next time you see them, and then just be nice.

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I am a big proponent of thank you notes. I say send one, and if you do get caught in a thank you loop you’ll always have something to look forward to!

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