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Do you like The Four Seasons?

Asked by rockfan (11975points) September 2nd, 2015

I adore the vocal harmonies of The Beach Boys, the operatic music of Roy Orbison, and the good natured rockabilly/pop music of Buddy Holly, but the music of The Four Seasons really irks me. I think it has to do with the lack of genuine emotion in their songs and also the repetitiveness of the choruses. Your thoughts?

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Yes, I do. They remind me of my dad.

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Don’t cry, you’re a big girl. Listen to something else!

I always liked them. But that was fifty years ago. Try something from the last twenty years.

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When I read the question, I thought you meant Vivaldi

As for the musical group, I do not care for their style of music. I have never been a big fan of crooners like them, Bing Crosby or Dean Martin and Doo-Wop has little appeal to me.

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They’re okay. I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to their music. I did go to see Jersey Boys (my husband hated it!). I’m not overly fond of falsetto voices.

When I read the question I thought you meant Vivaldi’s Four Seasons… I do like that.

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I prefer the Ritz Carlton.

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Nice, but really expensive.

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I like them – but it has more to do with the time it takes me back to than the shrill soprano-ish vocals.

The songs are timeless and inevitably “take me back”.

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