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Where in the U.S. can I take a whole year of Organic Chemistry in one summer?

Asked by sshonkoff (28points) July 17th, 2007
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most colleges/universities in the U.S. offer multiple sessions of basic courses during summers, and also during what's called "intersession" which is a brief session that's offered immediately after the spring semester and immediately before the fall. So, basically, a motivated student could complete two years of course work in 3 months or so. I would think that organic chem. especially as a med school pre-req could easily be completed during a summer. Good luck.

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though i don't know the answer, i'm pretty sure you could find this --- i suggest going to the websites of community or private colleges/universities near you and just checking for summer courses (if they offer them at all), then looking under sciences for that one. it should be a fairly fast process. remember that deadlines might be as early as the fall for summer course registration (i was surprised by this once). good luck!

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