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My surge protector says "protected" and "faulty wiring" at the same time?

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) July 21st, 2008

I wanted to move my computer, but when i plugged in the surge protector, it gave me both the green “protected” light, and the red “faulty connection” light at the same time. I shut down the power to the socket, opened it up, and the ground seemed to be connected to the outlet housing correctly.
Bottom line, is it safe to hook up my computer to this outlet, or should I figure out what’s wrong with the conneciton?

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Is it like a UPS backup system?
Or is it just one of those normal cheap power strips with surge protection?

If it’s just one of those normal power strips I wouldn’t worry, I’d just go out and buy a new one, they aren’t to expensive.

I would kind of worry about putting trust in a thousand dollar machine over a twenty dollar strip.

My strip has both red and green lights on, though green is power and red is surge protection. They have always been on, I can’t say I’ve ever seen my red light go off.

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the red light is on ONLY in one outlet. it is not on in any other outlet

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Oh so it’s a fault within the strip?

Yea I’d just go out and get a new strip alltogether I wouldn’t waste my time or efforts with something that could fault and cause bigger issues at any random time.

‘better to be safe than sorry’ ;)

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not in the strip
the strip is okay except in one outlet. the one i want to use. the problem is in the outlet. i took the outlet apart, and it looks grounded. the neutral wire goes into the left side of the outlet, and the hot wire goes into the right side of the outlet. is there anything else i should look for? (ps i am borrowing a voltmeter from a friend)

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hold on, when you say outlet are you referring to a wall outlet, or a single outlet on the strip?

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wall outlet
not the strip
the strip works fine
the voltmeter shows only a 60 volt drop from hot to ground, so the ground isn’t working. i guess i’ll have to reground it

my question: do you think i should plug the surge protector into an outlet which only has a half funcitonal ground, or should i reground the outlet/

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if it doesn’t thunderstorm to often at your home and you live in a fairly warm climate area I guess that would work, and hoping you don’t wear socks all the time on carpet lol.

I would see what the value of regrounding it would be, and the cost first.
Just getting someone out there to check to see if the ground is fine will probably cost you, I mean I’m no electrical master or anything, but if it’s your home I’d just go ahead and get it fixed, better in the long run.

that’s a tough decision.

I will say.. it will work for now most likely, but i’d get that checked out before winter comes around. (dry air and socks and static and non grounded outlets don’t get along very well)

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