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Why is my computer making my music sound creepy?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) July 21st, 2008

So I’m just chillin listening to some music in itunes when all of a sudden I notice that the music is slower and sounds all deep and weird. It does this with songs on myspace and other places too.. and even the little shut down sound it makes is weird sounding. Usually when I restart it, I just goes back to normal but I was just wondering if this sort of thing has ever happened to anyone else? it doesn’t happen very often.. but I just have no idea why it does it in the first place. and my computer is a piece of crap windows xp if that helps.

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if the sound is SLOW it may be that something is wrong with the sound card or audio drivers. once data is handed off to the sound card even heavy programs on the main processor shouldn’t affect audio playback.

if the sound is LOW (in frequency) then something maybe wrong with the speakers. Do you have internal or external (plugged in) speakers. If your speakers are external, try finding another set (or just plug in ear phones to your speaker jack) and see it that makes the problem go away.

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what kind of computer do you have (dell, HP..?)

hopefully it could be as simple as installing new drives.

Or it could be some codec is screwing up.

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it’s HP
it’s not too big of a deal.. I couldn’t care less if the thing just exploded
i was just wondering though.. it’s working fine since i restarted it

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Dunno, don’t know enough about it, it probably is just something happened to a driver, but I can’t help since I don’t know what model your HP is. Although it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you’re using the built in motherboard’s integrated sound.

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Sounds like a poulterguist to me!

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haha, that’s why my sister said

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