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What's a good present for someone going to Indonesia?

Asked by Vincentt (8074points) September 5th, 2015

My father is going to visit Indonesia (where he grew up) for a few weeks, coincidentally just after his birthday. That sounds like a great opportunity to get him a great birthday gift.

Unfortunately, I’m not that familiar with Indonesia. Any ideas for fun gifts that would be highly appropriate to bring there?

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What about a digital camera so he can send you lots of pictures of his travels?

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@gorillapaws That’s a good idea! Unfortunately he’s got a very good camera already :)

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Pay for all of their shots.

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Seriously, a backpacking water bottle with a filter on it. Clean water is hard to get in Indonesia, so it is always good to have the comfort of knowing the water you are drinking is safe.

You can find a water bottle with filter at REI.

Or, a little personal portable battery driven fan.

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Will they be doing tourist things? Or, just seeing family? If they will do tourist things you could buy an album and ask them to save entry tickets and local maps and brochures and make a scrapbook for them.

I just got back from vacation and was thinking I wish I had a scrapbook of all the places I had been with my husband. Just 4–5 pages for each place with some sentences and paragraphs on each page about my memories relating to photographs and other travel stuff on the page.

Maybe if he is seeing family you could ask him to ask family members 5 questions and put together a scrapbook of that for the family. Whatever you are interested in. Memories from when your dad was a child. What life is like where they live. Memories of older relatives you’ve never met.

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(Instead of just marking them as Great Answers, I think I should state explcitiyl: some great ideas here :) They’re both seeing family and doing touristy things, although I’m not sure they will be the standard touristy things, or that his family will perhaps take them.

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