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Can you help me find what this cartoon television show or special is?

Asked by RikhardRavindraTanskanen (76points) September 5th, 2015

In 2003, when I was seven, in England, I was watching Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network 2, the Disney Channel, or Fox Kids, when I watched this cartoon 30-minute show or special.

It began with three preteen to teenage girls in superhero costumes and American accents (apparently it was an American show) being cuffed to a metal plate in a brightly lit silver room in a stereotypical supervillain fashion, while the villain was in front of them. One of the girls was narrating, and then came a flashback to when this all began.

We see a middle school or high school playground with a lot of kids, including the three girls. There might be girls who bully them, or at least are shallow and are rivals to them, but I am not sure.

There is also a boy in a cat mascot suit – the school mascot – and out of anger due to something (I can’t remember what) he rips the costume off and showing himself in his underwear (not boxer shorts) which he then realises and, embarrassed, covers them. He is then revealed to be a friend of the girls.

Shortly afterwards, the girls are in another room and an experiment goes wrong, or they do something, or instead of being in another room, the girls are outside either in the day or the evening and are next to a meteorite impact – my memory can’t remember.

Anyways, shortly afterwards, either in the evening or the next day, the girls discover they have superpowers – one might knock something over with her powers and fall over, and have the other kids laugh at them (which of course I didn’t like, and if it happened I despise) but I am not sure, and another one discovers her superpowers next to the girls’ male friend, who is back in his mascot costume, which is as good as new.

Anyways, after realising they have these powers, they decide to help people with them, they make superhero costumes, and then stop a crime or save people from a terrible accident in the city where they live, next to their friend.

Afterwards, they appear on the news, and then an man – the supervillain – looks at the news on the screen on his stereotypical 20th century science fiction high-tech-looking computer or on the television, unseen except in a stereotypical supervillain fashion – i.e. Dr. Claw – and then either pleasantly says he has to get them, or angrily says he has to get as they interfere with his plans.

In the next scene, the girls are in the school, next to their friend, where they encounter the villain and his robots, battle the robots, and are captured by them.

We then see the scene we saw at the beginning, with the villain telling the girls what he is going to do with them, and the scene goes back to where it started, minus the girls’ narration, or perhaps with new narration, along the lines of “Well, that’s how we got here.”, and, “I hope we get out of this.”, or “I just hope we get out of this.”, although not those exact words.

The credits then begin, possibly after a commercial break, but I am not sure.

I didn’t like the ending, because I assumed it was a special, as I never saw any follow-up to it, although without thinking those exact words, as I didn’t know what a special was at the time, and therefore the ending was the ultimate ending of the special, and of course children don’t like the villains winning.

In recent years, as I have matured, however, I have become accepting of such things.

Can you tell me what this television show or special is? I would really like to find out.

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I never saw it so I may be off completely but was it Powerpuff Girls?

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That would be my guess as well.

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