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Sock it to me! Join me in saying good-bye to Judy Carne, who made that phrase famous.

Asked by elbanditoroso (28883points) September 8th, 2015

Died at age 76.


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You should be asking if we can say goodbye to Joyce Audrey Botterill. (insert smiley face emoticon here)

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So long Judy. I still remember you.

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RIP, Ms. Carne—that is, Romp in Pleasure with all those other funny Laugh-In folks.

I’m still waiting to hear if anyone else acknowledges the passing of Route 66-er Martin Milner…

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@Pachy: I actually googled Martin Milner about six months ago, because something reminded me of him and I was curious if he was still alive. I learned he became a walnut farmer. Very interesting. He was handsome and so was his co-cop on Adam 12.

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Oh wow, Judy and Martin, 2 of my favorite childhood shows, Laugh-in and Adam 12.
Damn…the grim reaper is getting closer to home.

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Thanks for the comments, @jca and @Coloma. When I didn’t get any feedback on my question yesterday I wondered if I were the only one who remembered him.

I became a Milner fan during his “Route 66” years (what teen boy at that time didn’t want to tool around the country in a Corvette!), and remained one through his decades of TV and movie appearances. He wasn’t a GREAT actor but certainly a good one, and yes, so handsome and youthful for so many years.

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Aaah, the ravages of time, from a rosy bloom to a wilted pod. lol

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Sock it to me?? No more buckets of water, Judy!

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It may be rice wine to you but it is still saki to me. Let us not say farewell Judy and let us just Say Goodnight Dick

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The pixie haircut and the bubbly personality hooked me hard. She was a joy to watch. Vaya con Dios!

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Very interesting, Sad but not funny.

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Aw man! :(
I missed hearing of her passing.
She was a dynamo of fun.
I was saddened by Martin Millner when I heard about him earlier, also.
I guess I have their images from back when, still in my mind.
“Losses such as these – always come in three’s….....”
Thanks for the post elbanditoroso.

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