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Mircosoft Software?

Asked by aansuzek1 (33points) July 21st, 2008

I’m pretty sure there was a program, distributed by Microsoft, that allowed computers in a workgroup to share files, specifically keep updated copies of files.

SCENARIO: I have a folder containing all my pictures in my family album located on my laptop. Anytime I add photos to that folder, it would automatically send them to my desktop.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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Microsoft software? Gross….. jp’s probably got it though. Good luck.

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I think that as long as you have your desktop and your laptop on the same network you are fine. If so, go to the Pictures folder and right click it. Go to Sharing And Security. Click Share this folder on the Network. And type in the name and you’re all done. Just go to your desktop computer, My Computer, Shared Documents. Hopefully it will be there. I haven’t tried and THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON XP. ATLEAST I HAVEN’T TRIED IT ON VISTA.

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long deep sigh no, swimmindude, we all know that trick, but he wants to keep the shared volumes updated on a 1:1 basis, i know how to pull it of on server 2003, and so it’s safe to assume that jp’s guess is pretty much in the right direction

oh, and yes it works on vista too, but with more security dialog…

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Ok. Then sorry, and I don’t have Vista and never will. So sorry aansuzek1

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I don’t know one personally, but I think I know exactly what to search in google

okay so I came up partially fruitless.

What you want though if you search around is a network file push system.

this is all I came up with and it’s for windows 95/98.. and not entirely sure how well it would even conceivable work.

Either way for this to work you’re going to have to have a home server for your network which would keep all these push files.

I think using swimmindude’s share over network technique would be the easiest, no it wouldn’t download them to the computer or server, but I mean I don’t really know any software out there that will push large files like that.

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Are you thinking of “briefcase” folders? They were a way to auto sync files over multiple machines. I don’t know if they still have them in Vista. Check the help.

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So that’s what briefcase was used for… huh never knew that.
Okay I just used Help and Support for briefcase, and it can be done even outside of a network, only with a removable media device.

Here is what Help says to do for over the network syncing:
Open the folder where you want to create a new Briefcase.

Right-click a blank area in the folder window, point to New, and then click Briefcase.

A new Briefcase appears. Type a name for the Briefcase, and then copy any files you want to sync into the Briefcase.

You can also create a Briefcase on your desktop by right-clicking a blank area on the desktop, pointing to New, and then clicking Briefcase.


Move the Briefcase over the network to the second computer. For more information about how to do this, see Copy files to another computer.

Make any changes you want to the files on either computer.

When you are ready to sync any changes you have made, right-click the Briefcase, and then click Update All.

Here is more info:

When would I use Briefcase instead of Sync Center?

Briefcase is included in this version of Windows for people who have used it in earlier versions of Windows and want to continue using it to sync their files. Use Briefcase if you need to keep files in sync between two computers. Use Sync Center if you want to keep files in sync between a computer and a mobile device or folder on a network server.

I don’t know if you have different systems running different stuff, but I have seen sync center with vista, and I know it can be run as a service in the background keeping stuff synchronized between systems, not sure to what extent, but It didn’t work when I was doing it XP to Vista, but i’d imagine Vista to Vista would work like a charm.

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I believe you are referring to FolderShare which is available at

It is an excellent program and I use it all the time to keep stuff in sync between my PCs and Macs.

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