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Should I get the new iPad Pro (with keyboard and Apple Pencil) or the new MacBook?

Asked by Eerikkibak (32points) September 10th, 2015

My 5 year old MacBook Pro is kaput. I was planning on purchasing the new MacBook this fall, but am now curious about the iPad Pro that is being released. Looking for some advice from the experts!

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What would you be using it for? Any specific software that you currently use on your MacBook?

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I used my old MacBook Pro for everything from surfing the web to word processing to graphic design (Adobe Creative Suite). I’m guessing graphic design will be challenging on the iPad Pro, but the Pencil is intriguing for creative work.

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If you use creative suite for anything technical, essentially anything beyond the concept stage, then you won’t want to solely use an iPad pro. It would be better to use the iPad pro w/stylus as an addition to a laptop/desktop version of creative suite.

As big as Adobe is, they don’t have a good track record for creating user friendly software or mobile software. I seriously doubt they have the technical ability or staff to ever get a fulling functioning creative suite on a tablet that is simple to use yet robust. So I wouldn’t plan on letting go of a laptop/desktop anytime soon on that front.

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If you can’t get both, I’d say pick the Macbook. But visit an Apple Store first and try that pencil before making a final decision.

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The new MacBook is a little underwhelming spec wise. I bought the 13” MacBook Pro back in May, and it’s been great. I’m also planning on getting the iPad Pro (my first gen iPad is practically an antique at this point). For Adobe work, I’d suggest going with a MBP. There’s a reasonable chance we could see Apple Pencil support for the cheaper iPads next year, which would more affordable.

I don’t think an iPad Pro + keyboard & Apple Pencil will be a good enough experience that it can completely replace your laptop.

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