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Can you share a silly mistake that you made as a child (details inside ) ?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) September 10th, 2015

I saw a commercial for Total cereal where it says that you must eat 16 bowls of bran flakes to equal one of Total so I did. I ate 16 bowls of raisin bran and ended up in the hospital for a week. What about you? What silly mistake did you make as a child?

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This dates me I am sure. When I think of this, I remember when I was about four years old I climbed up on the bathroom sink (that’s where the mirror was) and put one of my mom’s curlers in my hair. (Those curlers were metal with a spring clamp and a rubber roll-clasp) I got it in okay but when trying to remove it I couldn’t get it out of my hair so I used scissors to free my hair of the curler!

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How old were you when you ate 16 bowls of bran flakes, @talljasperman?

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@Dutchess_III I was 12 and 13 and 15 I did it three times. It was during summer vacations from junior high.

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For some stupid reason, my cousin and I were playing with a lighter we found in the house. We went into the bathroom and we disagreed about how the toilet paper would burn if we set it on fire. My cousin said the whole thing would burn at once. I said the fire would go around and around the same way that the toilet paper was wrapped on the tube. (I know… I know..)

So we lit it on fire. My cousin was correct, but we both had no idea that the thing would practically explode into a giant fireball. It was so scary. I opened the toilet lid and tossed the entire roll in. It went out. We tried to flush it. Of course it clogged the toilet badly. So we closed the lid and figured nobody would notice.

Well, my mom noticed and she was screaming “What the HELL is in the toilet?! What the HELL is this??!” There was nobody around to blame but me. I got in massive trouble.

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@talljasperman Generally speaking, your stomach is only the size of your fist. There is a finite limit to the amount of food that a human stomach can actually, physically, hold at any given time. It would back into your esophagus and you would vomit.
I could be wrong. If so, I’m sure folks will let me know.

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@Dutchess_III it took me all week to eat all of that cereal. All I ate was cereal.

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Well, why would eating grain for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week hurt you? I could do that easy. Except it would be Wheat Chex.

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@Dutchess_III trust me I was in agony. Like last night I was in agony I went to the hospital last night. I had stomach flu and constipation.

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Three years old, I knew where the cookies were in the kitchen cabinet. Pulled drawers to make staircase. Mis-stepped and split my right earlobe on the edge of the counter. There was blood everywhere, got my first set of sutures.

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Oh shit, @Tropical_Willie…I can see that happening in my mind’s eye. Like the time when my son was 3 and he used his Big Wheel as a stepping stool to open the gate latch….I saw what he was doing and then I was running’. Couldn’t get there in time, though. Blood everywhere.
I can see the drawers moving in, or out, and throwing you off. It was a pretty good idea, actually, for a little kid, who doesn’t quite understand physics!

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I may have told this here before. My parents went to a restaurant and instead of a doggie bag they brought home leftovers on a bag that said “people bag.”
I took it to show and te the next day and told everyone it was a pee hole bag.

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When I was about 7, I disassembled a mantle clock at my Grandmothers house to see how it worked and was unable to put it back together. When I had reached the limit of my patience and time where I would be discovered with the clock all apart on the bedroom floor, I put everything in a box and put it in a closet. As mentioned elsewhere, I figured nobody would notice it was missing.
What I did not know was that the clock didn’t work because my Father had done the same thing when he was a boy and it hadn’t worked since then. I was reprimanded rather strongly but not really punished because of the circumstances surrounding the clock. My Father took it somewhere and had it reassembled so that it worked. I am looking at it on my mantle even as I type this.

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When I was very young I saw an interesting cartoon. It was about a boy who one day saw his parents quarrel. He had never seen them become so unfreindly like that before so he was shock. In his shocked state he drew their angry faces all over the house. The parents saw the faces and regretted quarreling and the family made up. I remember being moved to tears.

One day I saw my parents quarrel. I remembered the cartoon and decided to try it out to cool my parents down. So I picked up my crayons and drew on every wall I saw. My mistakes were that: 1. It was only a child’s cartoon, and 2. I couldn’t draw as well as that boy, so everything I drew ended up looking like some circles with holes and lines. When my parents saw the pictures, well you already know what happened. They made up before I finished my “masterpiece” by the way.

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You guys…I’m laughing and crying at the same time…I don’t have enough GA’s to give everyone.

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Silly mistake: Growing up.
Correction: Turned around and crossed back over before it was too late!

Whew, that was close!

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I “cross back over” with my little grandkids every chance I get. Here is today’s grandkid story:

“Well, so it was just me and Crazy Horse Anna, who is 3, going on 4, at Braum’s. She confidently placed her order for pink ice cream.
As the guy was dishing us up I told her to go find a place for us to sit. So she did, without hesitation.
When I turned around with our order she stood up on the booth seat and started waving her arms wildly to make sure I didn’t miss her which, I couldn’t, even if I wanted to, because she was right in front of me, like maybe 20 feet in front of me.
She instructed me to sit next to her in the booth, not across from her, so I did.
So we sat and talked about ice cream and things.
Then she picked up the pepper shaker and said something I couldn’t understand.
Then she picked up the salt shaker and said something I STILL couldn’t understand.
They must have come to some understanding,however, because suddenly Crazy Horse was telling me I needed to move because she needed to get out.
“Why? Where are you going?”
“To a different ‘pot,” she said,
She said something I couldn’t understand.
So I picked up our ice cream and everything and followed her to our new ‘pot.
We sat and talked about ice cream and things.
Then she picked up the pepper shaker at our new ‘pot, and said something, which I couldn’t understand, then picked up the salt shaker and said something I couldn’t understand, and I was like, “Uh oh!”
Sure enough. We had been given instructions by the salt and pepper shakers at our new ‘pot to move yet again.
However, I said ’“No! I like this ‘pot and I never want to leave!”
So we sat and talked about what it would be like living at a table in Braums, instead of a house with our own beds, and then it was time to go.”

A three year old tells you it’s time to change tables, you change tables! You just don’t know what is at stake. All I can figure is the salt and pepper shakers looked like microphones…or something. So she was getting instructions. I don’t know! I just “cross back over” when I can.

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When I was about seven or eight years old, I met a man sitting on a bench near the playground I hung out at near my house. We started talking and I came and sat beside him on the bench. I was quite happy because he spoke to me like an adult and not like a child. Then he asked if I’d like to come over to his house, that his car was right nearby. He told me that it was okay because he was a Christian and could be trusted. I hesitated because I was forbidden to go to anyone’s house unless I told my parents first.

I ended up compromising and telling him I’d meet him there at the bench the next day if my parents said it was okay. When I asked my parents that night, I was baffled by their reaction. I told them, “It’s okay, he told be I could trust him because he’s a Christian.”

The next day I was equally confused when my father and my uncle insisted on coming with me to meet my new friend. And why they took baseball bats with them.

(My new friend never showed up after all.)

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I got all excited one time when a teacher was explaining how you could tell how words were pronounced by looking at the bottom of the page in the dictionary and viewing the examples given. I was elated and pointed out to her that on page“X” it said the very thing she was speaking about.

Imagine my ego crashing into the dirt and spitting out blood when she pointed out that it was on every page of said dictionary.

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I was 3, and one cold snowy morning before nursery school as my mother was showering before work I was sitting on the floor playing with a candle ( not lit ) and discovered that it magically melted when run over the heater grate in the floor of our house in the Santa Fe hills. We had old fashioned furnace grates and I proceeded to run the candle back and forth as it magically melted away. Of course the whole house smelled like burning wax and the floor grate was smoking when my mother got out of the shower. She flipped out of course. haha.

Never leave curious 3 year olds alone for even a few minutes.

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I don’t understand @rojo…?

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We got our first color TV in 1969 or so. My younger sister discovered that holding a magnet to the screen would cause the colors to go all twisty and psychedelic. She didn’t realize it was permanent…..

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^^^ We did the same thing! Oh my! Dad was furious, but I remember he was the one who showed us the phenomenon in the first place.

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^^^ Wow..I never knew that, wild! haha
I was a kid in the 60’s too and our next door neighbors were the first to get color TV on our block, a giant console type TV, and they would have all the neighbors over to watch the National Geographic specials. It was a big deal. lol

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I still have the (furniture grade) cabinetry the television was housed in. We use it to keep DVD’s and video equipment in.

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Your dad sounds like a trip, @majorrich!

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He was quite the renaissance man. I miss him very much.

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I peed on the mall Santa’s lap as a small kid. I said that I really had to go.

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