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What attracts you to a person, and the connection is secure what do you enjoy finding out about that person?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) July 21st, 2008

What kind of body and personality would just enthrawl you to fall in deep love with someone?

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large breasts and intellect are things that attract me, and i always enjoy a complicated woman (yes i know they all are, but more than the average)

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The happy kind of guy, knows how to joke, laugh, have fun, caring. Fit, in shape.

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Glasses, dark hair, librarian, and a ample bust. Funny and attached to a vagina would be nice too.

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i wonder if there are women out there, looking for a fat bastard…no really, it’s always “a nice strong guy” but we all know they’re not endlessly supplied, so are there women who seek a fat asshole ?

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Edit :: Maybe that was in bad taste.. Removed by self.

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@iwamoto, yes there are women who can seek a “fat asshole” the same waythey can seek a “skinny toothpick asshole”. Personally, I’m attracted to guys with more meat on them, in shape of course… No skinny little guys.
Humor is something that attracts me the most, someone that can make me laugh always gets my attention.

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Skinny/fat doesn’t matter, as long as they can carry it (i.e. don’t look like a sneeze will break them or they need help to walk). Although tall guys would be more likely to catch my eye and I feel a bit odd around people shorter than me.
I like originality, humour and sense of adventure. Someone who will come up with crazy ideas and bring me along for the ride, make me laugh till I’m out of breath and make my head spin for days with a bizarre statement.
Of course that’s not enough….he’s also gotta be compassionate, responsible and strong (emotionally – don’t really care for the body-builder type).

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The initial attraction is likeness to an ideal you have formed.
First you want to find out similarities, then the differences, especially the ones that can help you grow.

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