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Can anyone help? I need to come up with $650 in less than 24hrs. I'm desperate!

Asked by Jaci0829 (97points) September 12th, 2015

After battling cancer on & off for years, I’m finally in remission and back on my feet. I’m back to work at a great job, but this past week I was faced with paying for my treatment meds or being $650 short on my rent. I thought I could come up with the money in time but I failed. Now I’m panicking….. any ideas?

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Not sure if that was a positive good luck but thank you

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Can you set up a go fund me for something like that? I feel horrible about doing that…. how long does it take to set that up?

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Buy the meds and make a deal with the landlord.

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@Jaci0829 Presenting you case on Go Fund Me will be no different than what you did here. Do you feel horrible for asking for help here?

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I’d say the easiest thing would be to have a discussion with the person you owe the rent to. Hopefull they are sympathetic. Maybe you can make payments – $200 this week and something similar in a week or two, so within a month or two, with the next month’s rent paid on time, and the supplements, you’ll be all paid up.

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Most landlords although won’t be happy, if you explain like you did here and give them part of the rent and tell them when they will get the rest will most times agree.

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Thank you all for your help. Unfortunately, due to the home being a lease-to-own, I don’t have much room to play with. My friends helped out so I only need $350 now. I attempted to speak with her (homeowner/landlord) and she politely “reminded me” that per our agreement, every payment must be made by the 10th of each month IN FULL (she emphasizeD on the “IN FULL”). My fear is that she will terminate the contract and I will lose the $18,000 I’ve paid towards the down payment on the home.

Cruiser- to answer your question, yes I do feel horrible the only thing that helps me swallow my pride is that nobody here really knows me :-(

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@Jaci0829 Then the same can be said for the followers of Go Fund Me. That said…if I were you, I would spend some time boning up on the wiggle room that your contract with you landlord might have. Most contracts I have ever seen have allowances to avoid abrupt forced evictions and should contain grace periods that help avoid such occurrences. Perhaps seek legal counsel and at the same time seek out an additional source of income OR roomate that will help put you on track to keep the house you are in. It truly has to suck to create a life for yourself to only have something like cancer derail you as it has. Good luck and best wishes to you.

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Could your parents not help you out for the full amount? Surely they know what you are going through! What about other relatives? Could they not chip in and help out?

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Can you pawn something?
The way it works is you give them something valuable (hopefully worth $350), and they’ll give you money. Once you pay them back (I’m not sure about interest…look into it) they’ll give you your thing back.

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Pawn off your computer.

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Thank you all again. Unfortunately, I don’t have family (anymore), I’m not using a computer…. I’m on my work phone, and I pawned everything of value when I first got sick to pay for my monthly chemo and medications. Everything I have or pay for is strictly from working my tail off. I’m going to attempt to set up “go fund me” as it seems that is the only option I have to come up with money quick enough. Thank you again for all of your answers and support, as I truly appreciate it!

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Congrats for the remission! Good for you!!!!!!
If the landlord is not helpful…
Who is the maker of your RX?
If you don’t know, ask pharmacy.
Many pharmaceutical companies have reduced rates- but you still need to ask. Work with your pharmacist to see about programs from the makers.
Are there ‘samples’ at your Dr’s? A friend can’t afford her RX- but the Dr gives her samples.
The same DR office itself may be aware of ways others have handled this dilema.
Can you get ½ RX with what you have $ now? If they know you-(which you have been a customer there, right?) Ask to buy one week at a time until paydays.
If you are buying a house- you may have enough $ history to apply for a credit card to pay back on. Yes, there’s interest on it, but don’t drop the RX.
Cruiser is right- there are ways around lease-to-own contracts.
Your area, or next larger town should have Legal Aid. They are excellent in dealing with these types of contacts. They have sliding scale fee’s. Great organizations.
The only other way might be to borrow against your salary with “X amount” to be paid back weekly until done.
Perhaps one of the ‘loan companies’ for immediate cash- call to see their terms.
This may sound crazy- but- call a television news station about your plight, you just might be surprised what community awareness can do. Also, it may Help the landlord about being a pain – in public.
That’s it from me. My brain exploded. Ow.
Good luck, Sweetie.
Let us know how you are doing with this.
Do not fuss yourself into stress-illness.
You can figure this out- you’re tough enough to give a fight against cancer, you’ve got spirit enough to find a way now- right?
Hang in there.

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Thank you sweetie! I paid for the meds so I’m good there, as for my landlord…. well $1500 will just have to do. I’ll get the other $350 when luck runs my way lol. Thank you EVERYONE for your support

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@Jaci0829 all the very best!

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:) You GO Girl!!!!
You’re welcome! XO

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Give your landlord a copy of Proudhon’s What is Property?

You then tell him that he should read the book as it explains why his absentee property ownership is theft, and his collecting of rent a form of economic parasitism.

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@Kropotkin totally with you on this. Or, she could move to Cuba and solve her problem, both aspects of it!

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The TC stated that she (he?) needed the money in 24 hours. As swell as something like GoFundMe might be, it’s not a quick solution, so it’s not particularly helpful in her case. The problem with this site is that too many people are quick to rattle off answers without really thinking about the question or circumstances presented.


If you need money that quickly then probably your best best, crappy as it is, is probably to go to one of those short-term cash advance places (Advance America, Security Finance, etc). They’re kinda predatory, and they charge interest rates that a mafia loan shark would smile at, but they’re pretty hassle free, will loan to pretty much anyone and you’ll have the money right then and there.

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Please do not take out a payday loan. You would be better off doing literally anything else (full segment here). Working things out with your landlord is probably the best option.

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What about a credit union? These are quite big here in the UK to help people borrow money at very reasonable interest rates

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Going by the TC’s other responses in this thread it doesn’t seem that her landlord is much inclined to budge on this, so working things out with the landlord probably isn’t much of an option. At any rate TC said she needed this money in less than 24 hours, and that was a couple of days ago, so any advice now is probably moot. The situation has probably come to some kind of resolution one way or the other.

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^ “TC”?

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“Thread creator”.

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It would be nice if the OP, aka “TC” updated us on what she did and what the outcome was.

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I think she the OP has basically told us that the problem is partly solved.

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My apologies, as I have not been feeling so well. My family has set a “GoFundMe” page, praying this will work. Thank you ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. You can view the fund @

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Good luck Jaci! I hope this is part of the solution for helping you out with the challenges you are facing.

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