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Have you noticed that lately, not everything you are "following" is showing up in your "Activity for You?"?

Asked by jca (36043points) September 15th, 2015

For the past few weeks, at the minimum, I have noticed that things I am following, either due to having responded on the thread or clicked “follow” on, are not showing up in my “Activity for You.”

It may have been occurring longer than a few weeks, but I have only noticed it recently.

I noticed it because I look at the threads sometimes and see a bunch more responses than were there the last time I received a notification. Maybe, for example, I have seen 10 responses as of the last time I logged on, and now I see 30 responses. Sometimes I just happen upon it because I’m bored and clicking around, maybe to re-read something I wrote.

In all of the cases, I’ve verified that I am “following” the thread, so it’s not like I accidentally clicked “unfollow.”

This is not happening to the majority of my “Activity for You.” There’s probably way more that I am aware of, however, because I’m not that diligent about it.

I’m wondering if this is an issue that may be occurring due to some fluke, along with the broken search problem.

Have you noticed this happening to you?

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I think I notice that too. There are fewer questions for me than before. But at first I attributed it to the lack of questions being asked. It has happened for some time now so I think that’s a bit strange.

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When that happens to me I find that I usually have a 2nd instance of Fluther being open to that question, and I forgot about it.

But, you know, it could be breaking.

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Haven’t noticed but because of my addiction I purty near follow everything anyway so…..

Also, it could be the fact that my “Activity for You” file may be impacting the entire site since I rarely delete on unfollow anything unless it gets down to two people in a pissing match about a subject only somewhat related to the original question (you know who you are).

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I didn’t do it, @rojo.

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