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Does this seem real coming from him?

Asked by Heather13 (495points) September 15th, 2015

A guy at work who likes to joke around with me, saying I’m his favorite person; and calling my name all the time, started telling me yesterday that he loves me. His tone of voice changed from simply joking around. Another coworker who overheard him, said “I knew it!”. I try to act jokingly with him, and not let him think I take him serious in anything he says or does. He always does things for me at work, even if I boss him around.

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I would not see how anyone can say they love someone when you are not even in a relationship with them. IMO the best he can offer at this juncture is he is in ‘lust’ with you.

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He sounds like he is very interested in you. Yet infatuations like his are the reason that office relationships are generally out-of-bounds, because it can get ugly if it doesn’t turn out well.

Enjoy it, but make sure you don’t cross a boundary or allow him to cross any of yours.

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Ask him if he’s serious.

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He wants sex. He has some idea you’ll give it up. Just keep ignoring him and hope he doesn’t turn into a stalker.

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Is this your boss?

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Mmmm, best to keep wotk away from personal relationships. Things may get messy.

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