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Do you need to prove to the public that you have a good body image?

Asked by flo (12974points) September 16th, 2015

If I needed to feel okay with my body image what should I do? And what should I never do in order to prove it to anyone else?

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No I avoid the general public.

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Your body image is all in your head not theirs. Look and feel confident is all you need to is all you need to have a good body image.

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Apparently, some person in a public forum said “Go and do a Naked Fashion show” And someone mumbled to himself “Are you a pervert, pervert friendly, or plain bonkers, what does being naked have to do with it?”

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I don’t need to prove anything. It’s right there for people to gawk at if they want. I still have nice, long legs and I’m not fat.

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If you’re talking about the internet (like a social network), you are not obligated to prove anything to anybody.

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How about the naked fashion show thing? Is that like saying a “I have a bridge for sale”?

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Naked fashion show? “Fashion” = clothing and stuff. How could you do a fashion show with no clothes on? Well, unless you were showing off jewelry or something.

As to your comment “I have a bridge for sale…” does that imply prostitution or something? What is that supposed to mean, exactly?

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Who’s asking for proof? I have a great body image precisely because I don’t much care about it as long as it’s clothed reasonably comfortably.

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I am more inclined to think anyone who feels a need to prove they have a good self-image of their body is more than likely fooling themselves, albeit unwittingly.

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Why on earth are you fretting about what some jerkwad said on an Internet forum about a naked fashion show.?

You don’t have to prove anything to anybody ESPECIALLY NOT some of the dubious critters inhabiting the Internet.

Focus on real people you care about in real life, family, longterm close friends. These are the only people who should be allowed input on your life.

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If someone felt that they needed to feel good about their body, then there is probably nothing they can do. That’s just insecurity and you can’t fix insecurity by dieting and exercising.

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It is not on the internet forum by the way, and it isn’t me ” although I used “if I needed… ” (hypothetical) just for simplicity.

So, anyway, the reason I asked: a “boyfriend” of an insecure underage person said she should be on a “stage naked fashion show”, after he heard this person on a public forum (I don’t remember exactly what the forum was. But the “boyfriend” could be he’s planning to take pictures and then post it and then who knows what internet related gruesome things…

Would you say “Naked fashion show” is like the scam “I’m a prince I have millions in the bank I just need you to give me your account
or other similar scams?

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